Dr Tedros and Filippo Grandi talk about COVID-19 and refugees


Today is World Refugee Day – an important moment to highlight the risks of COVID-19 for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“Refugees are particularly at risk of COVID-19 because they often have limited access to adequate shelter, water, nutrition, sanitation, and health services.
We have a shared duty to do everything we can to prevent, detect and respond to transmission of COVID-19 among refugee populations”- Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Watch the full press conference here:


  1. 80 million will die in less than 36 hours still aren´t seeing this happens, this super deadly virus aren´t so deadly after all😡
    Give the poor people the water food and whatsoever and they will survive.

  2. Close the borders, as you had should done in February… But the WHO was quiet until it started to spread over the world. You taking a big responsibility to the problem we facing Today! And still, more people die yearly from the regular flu than what happened with this self made crisis… Shame to you. Hope more follow the US and stop the money pool…

  3. Stop saying lies, the people of the world dont believe the OMS anymore about COVID-19. And I wont stay home, you are not going to put me in a state of slavery.

  4. Tedros is a liar. It’s impossible the entire population in the world will get COVID-19. That’s what I call “fake news”. If Trump believes all American news media are fake news, then I believe WHO is.

  5. Shut up you serpent I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on the World Health Organization. Put the blood of Jesus Christ upon the World Health Organization and the fire of God almighty in Jesus name I pray. I pray that God Almighty me send Michael and Gabriel persecute you all that is causing harm to these children I’ll send you Demons back to the depths of sheol.

  6. You dirty mind killed 400000 people on earth. You delayed and allowed virus to spread all over world, just to favor China.

  7. Cheat News human being’s any knowledge or technology can not save human lives realize it … everyone one day must be dead!
    No one knows the time of dead…..
    If any medicine can save people then why medical sales market people’s that name doctors they also dead…… they cannot save themselves…..
    Please realize yourself in your mind!

  8. Hopefully we will united and strong together to fight against the COVID19 Pandemic & help all the refugees people worldwide 💪


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