Dr Tedros talks about a peak in coronavirus cases – 22 June 2020


It seems that almost every day we reach a new & grim record of COVID-19 cases:

-Over 183k new cases were reported on 21 June 2020
-Over 8.8 million cases have now been reported globally & almost half a million people have lost their lives.

We continue to urge all countries to double down on the fundamental public health measures that we know work:

1. Finding and testing suspected COVID-19 cases
2. Isolating and caring for the sick
3. Tracing and quarantining contacts
4. Protecting healthworkers

At the same time, COVID-19 public health measures can only be effective if each and every individual takes the measures that we also know work to protect themselves and others:

1. Maintain physical distance
2. Continue cleaning your hands
3. Wear a mask where appropriate

Watch the whole press conference of 22 June 2020 here:


  1. Why this fraud is still speaking publicly instead of being imprisoned? The world is in the grip of greedy politicians who think they can do whatever they want.

  2. Thank you Dr Tedros 🙂😘
    Thank you WHO for your support! 🙂🥰

    who doesn’t agree with my opinion, please, respect and don’t criticize 🙂😃
    Thank you very much! 😃

  3. In my opinion, Tedros is more dangerous than any diseases

    Why are you still here?
    You didnt do anything of benefit to our world, and even be mad at my country which did more great job than you, stupid Tedros.

    Why can you not be fired?????

  4. As ordinary people who have been following up on the case of COVID-19, I have several questions to consult you. So,

    1. For the aircraft carrier that has been keeping away from humankind, and also for the submarine submerged under the deep ocean, how could they have an outbreak of the disease? And what is the source of infection?

    2. Cases of COVID-19 have been found on the aircraft, and its servicemen have been sent for treatment in isolation. However, how could these servicemen who have recovered get infected shortly after returning back on to the ship? And how could this re-occur several times?

    3. Both parents in a family were seriously ill with the virus, but how could their infant remain healthy?

    4. The media has reported that a taxi driver who daily delivered taxi services for severely infected patients hasn’t been infected himself. However, how can the doctors and nurses get infected, although they are professionals and experts wearing the most protective masks, goggles and heavy protective medical suits?

    5. The structure of a human body is all the same for everyone, but under the present circumstances with no proper cure available for use, how could some people, including an old man of 98 years old, get infected but then recover very quickly, and what is the reason that some young people including medical workers die after infection? How do you explain this?

    6. What is the reason for an infection without any symptoms? And how can people have no symptoms when they catch the virus?

    7. When Wu Han has the outbreak of COVID-19, epidemic prevention departments use tons of disinfectant to wash this city, but the incidence still remained the highest in the whole country, why was this?

    I don’t understand any of the above, so please could you explain?

    Thank you very much!

  5. He graduated in University of Nottingham in UK? If he tried to study in a Bulgarian university, he would have been locked up in a cage and moved to a zoo.


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