First Lady Melania Trump’s Message for National Nurses Day



  1. Heartless, soulless speech. Not a word of love in it. I know children who can comfort people better!!

  2. She is a first lady with class, nice to hear her thanking the nurses they and all medical staff deserve it. Mr. Trump too he has handled an extremely tough situation very well without much appreciation.

  3. evil is the lack of truth…………NWO and forced vaccines, how evil is this to destroy the entire world

  4. Thank you First Lady Melania. Your wise, kind words and beautiful leadership makes us smile in these difficult times. We appreciate your work for us and our nation.

  5. Now Melania turns up?! Where has she been, because she definitely has not been working on her Be Best campaign. What a joke.

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  7. My message to this non English speaking alien is to get lost as quickly as possible. Yes, it’s past time we get a real first lady in the WH and not an ignorant fake old lady from the tRUMP family Whew! Get her out NOW!


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