Full news conference: Colorado Governor Jared Polis provides update on COVID-19 response


Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) provided an update on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and offered details about when restaurants and campgrounds may be able to reopen.

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  1. I’m not getting my UI claim, online UI saying “NOT ACTIVE?”, I called for 2 weeks and no luck at all why? nobody answer the phone call dear Governor!, Colorado Governor! you are getting paid! you don’t have any issues with payments! We are having major shutdown in our family, I paid my dues, I serve my Country, I paid Taxes all my life and now Your office mistakes……. Now I don’t have no food on my table…………….. give me my benefit what i deserve.
    If you read these message, than please help people like us whos having hard time.
    I saw so many of your You Tube but most your saying is just word that doesn’t help us at all.
    God bless

  2. Every one of theses I watch are bullshit open the shit up an stop tryen to control ppl an what the fuck they do i work in this shit am in around ppl every day in here in Colorado me more no one I know have got this fucking virus I don’t wear gloves mask ECT this is fu king old now I habe been working in this for months now so stop the bullshit already tryen to get ur money fucking colorado money hungry ass gov

  3. Um the reason South Korea is playing baseball is because they have less than 300 cases left. I forgot oh how many are we up to!?? 18371 for Colorado total. 1.32 million in the US AND 182k recovered. That’s about 13%. Yea sure. Sounds like amazing odds!

  4. The truth is that the masses want to do NOTHING to participate in helping others. They figure….screw it, some doctor will figure out a cure for my lazy ass. Disgusting. Just like most would never do community service, most will act like wearing a mask is some form of control instead of compassion. The human race is in its own way. We are lost.

  5. The hysteria by some people in this chat is scary, scarier than how some state leaders are acting.
    Lets all use common sense.
    Its a virus alot like Flu and we don’t quarantine healthy people for that every year.
    Fear makes people act plum crazy

  6. This is mind control and practice for martial law. It is bullshit and we need to stand up and say NO MORE! I repeat, this is BULLSHIT! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! 😡😡


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