Gov. Jared Polis announces restaurants can reopen to dine-in service, discusses latest models


At a news conference Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis discussed modeling data released by the Colorado School of Public Health earlier in the day and the move to resume dine-in options at restaurants beginning Wednesday.


  1. Governor Polis, I’m going to ask this again, why are drive-ins not able to open for people to sit outside their vehicles? They are normally at least six feet away from. They don’t get up and socially. The cafe part of them can be open to so many people at a time and they could also pick up their food only when their number is called at a window. I’ve seen one drive in state that the people are allowed to go in to use the restrooms as they are going to be wiping them down with disinfectant every so many minutes. Why is one able to do that and the rest are not?
    Please give this more attention as I believe this is safer than any restaurant.
    Thank you,
    Paula E.

  2. Governor Polis, another question is where do people put in for civilian or comments? I believe you said something about that in this last briefing.

  3. ‘Offer up your yard to a restaurant.’
    We are ruled by imbeciles.
    All of this is arbitrary. The epidemic was finished a month and a half ago.

  4. Obviously he is fucking hell bent on being president.  Someone needs to coach him on the condescending GLARE THRU THE NOSTRILS IMAGE!

  5. Dear Gov. You have no authority to tell me or my business when and when we can and can not operate. You have exceeded your Authority and caused me economic harm. I intend to hold you personally liable for my losses. Thank you.

  6. There once was a governor named Polis, who’s nazi policies were atrocious. He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin ‘If Covid was a dick I would smoke it.”


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