Gov. Jared Polis gives thoughts on Kanye West qualifying for Colorado ballot


Gov. Jared Polis, who has endorsed Joe Biden for president, weighed in on West’s qualifying for the presidential ballot on Thursday morning.


  1. People affiliated with West’s campaign spent much of Tuesday collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot in Wisconsin. And the effort appears to have succeeded, as Lane Ruhland, a longtime Republican lawyer with ties to the state party and Trump campaign, dropped the signatures off to the state’s election board nearly at the deadline. West’s signatures still need to be verified by the election board.

  2. Nobody with an IQ over room temp cares what Polis thinks or says. He’s a proven liar and tyrant that belongs in jail.

  3. Chuck Wilton, a Vermont Republican who is listed as a possible electoral college elector for Trump, is also listed as a possible elector for West. New York Magazine was first to report West’s ties to Keller and Wilton.
    Wilton’s wife, Wendy, is also listed as a possible Republican elector from Vermont and is a Trump appointee to the United States Department of Agriculture.

  4. West, after years of supporting Trump, declared last month that he would run for president, leading Republicans — including the President himself — to speculate that West’s name on the ballot would pull votes from Biden, especially among black voters.

  5. Well it worked for trump. But kanye should just stick to kim his gorgeous children and making great music. If you weren’t into politics before, you can fuck things up pretty badly. Case in point, the orange 💩pile pandemic’s record. He’s stunk up half the planet and we are just foul here in America.

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