Gov. Jared Polis issues statewide mask mandate for Colorado


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order Thursday that requires most people to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, with some exceptions.


  1. Lets have a talk about the ‘tests’ ,,,,,,,,,,,Notice how the media is not saying a word about the PCR tests being used to further this scam?

  2. Businesses should chose what they think their customers want. Freedom over fear any day. You want people to wear a mask go to stores that demand masks. You don’t like it go to stores that don’t care. Still not happy, do what germaphobes have been doing forever. Just stay home.

  3. Hahaha the guy who allowed Denver to be destroyed during the riots is now blaming business for the uptick in cases (not deaths) and is going to try and force me to comply with threat of law enforcement. Hahahaha NOPE. #votepolisout


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