Gov. Jared Polis issues statewide mask mandate for Colorado


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order Thursday that requires most people to wear masks in all public settings where they cannot maintain proper social distancing levels, with some exceptions.


  1. Fuck You Governor Polis!!! How Do You Espect Us To Live If We Don’t have a job.. Fuck You .. Fucking Pussy.. Colorado is Not Good.. You Fucking Piece of Shit.. Wear The Mask Up Your Ass You Fucking Pussy!!…

  2. Governor Polis You Look So Stupid Weari ng That Mask.. You Look Like Pussy like You Are Wearing that mask.. You Look so Stupid…

  3. Here is what I think is a real and major problem
    with the Wuhan China Flu Virus. (proper name)
    The story of the little boy who cried wolf might explain part of it..
    The Media and Politicians have hyped this up so much that many people don’t think it’s real..
    Then when it shows up it’s too late.
    If you get invited to a gathering and there will be no masks, then you have to make a decision. go or not.
    And then you have this idiot treating the south east corner of the state like it is downtown Denver. And Colorado voted him in.


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