Gov. Polis announces all symptomatic Coloradans can get COVID-19 test


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said Monday that the state now has enough swabs to test anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19.


  1. Masks don’t save you from covid 19. Watch your Democrat idiot Fauci’s interview on March 8th with 60 minutes you criminal Governor. This is a political lockdown and a Sherriff whith a nutsack needs to arrest this idiot. It is Constitutional and this criminal has violated US Code title 18-242. This lockdown was done under the color of law. These tests test for genetic material not the virus. The biggest political scam in history!!!! We need to take back our State! This idiot bought his election! Enough is enough with these corrupt politicians and mainstream media!

  2. The numbers are already so inflated, manipulated and incorrect, I’d advise getting tested anywhere but his new little drive up sites. Let’s not help his little power hungry fear mongering agenda anymore than we have too. He’s only looking for ways to inflate the numbers, don’t be stupid.


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