Gov. Polis announces closure of bars due to COVID-19 two weeks after they reopened


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday that bars would be closed for in-person service for 30 days due to a slight increase in COVID-19 cases – just two weeks after allowing them to reopen at limited capacities.


  1. What an asshole, there is no scientific study saying that wearing underwear on your head [what ppl r wearing] stops corona virus. The rate of death from corona is receding. So now they’re focusing on total infected, to keep you scared. Any person who goes to the hospital, now gets tested for the virus!

  2. Maybe if we riot and smash things, we can have business back. Just team up with the rioters and go to his neighborhood, and arm up 1st. This is stupid how they want to take the freedom to choose, and mandate a shutdown on a business!

  3. I went to the store to find half the customers and employees not wearing masks. Total joke. Why should people not crowd together when they see protesters are crowding together? Absolute stupidity.


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