Gov. Polis provides update on latest with COVID-19 in Colorado: 4/22/20


Governor Polis provides an update on the state’s response to COVID-19.


  1. Stay strong Colorado and listen to the guidelines! They’re medically and scientifically driven and they can save yous and many of our lives! We’ll get to celebrate some day ALIVE!❤

  2. We need to come up with a more specific reasonable plan for church. Also we need to specifically address summer activities for kids like camp and daycare. Speaking of daycare, are they back open?

  3. Then u should start school beginning of August for our kids why do teachers need to retrain? There teachers for a reason n they should know how to do there job thats what they get paid for

  4. What if some people are claustrophobic and can’t wear masks then what?What about our summer activities for our kids now like caming n swimming fun stuff like that they can’t stay in the house for the summer thats not right we need to think about our kids to

  5. How many people have been recovered and sent home use haven’t mentioned how many people that been sent home we care about our community recovering from this what are the numbers that recovered and then sent home.when can our bars n restaurants and our parks reopen?? What happens if our grandparents don’t have phones then what this ain’t fear alot

  6. If the model doesn’t include the effects of JBS lack of measures & many in the population don’t think masks or social distancing is needed at all, those numbers aren’t going to be correct. Other than Trusted managers at JBS & Walmart conveying the virus is no big deal, people believe the media And others lie (I understand that) but in turn, believe the exact opposite of what the media is reporting.


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