How has WHO responded to COVID-19


The World Health Organization has long warned of the potential of disease outbreaks and pandemics to threaten the health of people all over the world, and for the need for countries to be prepared to respond. And from capturing on 31 December 2019 the initial reporting of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China, to now, WHO has been responding rapidly, working closely in solidarity with and in support of governments around the world, to help countries, communities and individuals fight what is today known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. WHO in the pocket of the ccp. Still concerned about a one china policy during a pandemic. Google “who ignores taiwan” and you’ll know who’s masters

  2. Your organization incompetent to handle this pandemic because you believe to China disinformation and you buy what China told you.stop protecting China.because of that the world not trust the WHO anymore

  3. WHO must be invistigate into the international court. The verdict must be HANG thousands of people die because of your incompetent to handle this pandemic

  4. Obvously, a blunch of idiots are dewelling in Youtube wasting valuable time fighting against the pandamic. Scienists knew one hundred ago closing border is an ineffectively way to control the virus and that is a basis human right to travel around the world. WHO, It is time to fight back and rebuke those irresponsible allegation.

  5. Its better to dismantle WHO for telling lies to cover-up CCP Virus.also being incompetent organization.people don’t trust it anymore.full of liers

  6. So mother fuckers let me tell you what I know. Furin site RRKR. Americans were messing around with this in 2006. Australians, Japan, Netherlands, France and Oxford, England also. The spider web of info leads to you and institutions funded by you and the institutes that fund you. These are not conspiracy theories, they are facts. China was the only one I can find that put the engineered strain into a live animal, a chicken. Using super computers, AI, software and human input, Institution’s around the world are doing various experiments which are UNETHICAL. Let’s be clear, at some point these people got together and decided to allow the research to be conducted in China. W.H.O. and the United Nation are just a bunch of highly educated wealthy elites who are not governed by anybody.

  7. Tedros you are a disgrace. You failed in your duty to warn the world in a timely manner because you didn’t want to upset the CCP. Had you listened to Taiwan this virus would not have spread but instead you choose not to recognise them because you don’t want to upset your CCP master. If you had the slightest bit of decency you would resign now instead of making a pathetic video to justify your lack of action

  8. Stupid world health organization. You cover up the virus and now you expect us the listen to what you said. Unbelievable, especially your dumb stupid liar Tedro. he should have been fired.

  9. You guys and your response are consistently two months behind Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, i dont know wtf are you talking about.

  10. WHO learned propaganda from CCP, is so obvious … stupid Terdros said is not transmitable humana human, remember ?

  11. March 11th is the date they considered this a Pandemic. They failed us trying to cover China and now must pay.

  12. You guys supposed to protect the world from disease, prevent pandemic, spread truths, and rejects any dictator commands.

    *Not join them & lie about it!*

  13. Italy Claims To Develop First COVID-19 Vaccine: This is a question for the World Health Organization is it true that Italy has developed a vaccine for COVID-19 or is this a hoax?

  14. WHO doing their own PR. FAILED Attempt after creating so much chaos. Do they even have a conscious nagging them for selling their souls for money?!!

    WHO, Thanks but no thanks!!!!

  15. WHO and China made this outbreak worse. WHO let people die in this horrible way. Dont ever think you people SAVE lives. You are just saving dirty china

  16. Whoever made this video, you can only do so little by adding emotional and hero music. WHO and China should pay for this outbreak.

  17. Support WHO. We need World Health Organization to work closely with countries to collaborate and contribute to protect humanity and humans against diseases.

  18. People in Taiwan is already in control and have 0 casses over a week now, but you keep locking us out, we can’t join WHO because of China! Can’t join WHO is one thing but if China consider us as part of them why the f**k we didn’t get any support from them. Why we have our own economy and we are called republic of China? We are a democracy country and we’ve to force ourself to say we are Communism?

  19. invest in prevention – you say flights can move in and out of China and bashed countries banning flights to and from China.
    Nice video btw I’m totally convinced. Wow, thumbs up retard’s.
    March 11th is when you gave warning for pandemic btw, thats after 70 days. Don’t shame yourself more. I hope you accept you made mistake rather than digging your own grave.

    – You don’t need 1 month to understand the severity and yet dint impose red alert till 45 days.
    – unreasonably bootlicking ccp and praising them for no reason (unwanted). Your love for ccp is unrealistic and blind.
    – your team who went to china filled their pockets with fake printed money in 7 star hotels? come back saying things are in control when people are posting videos of bodies in corridors, you cant even investigate that much?
    – you are more concerned about the Chinese flight business than the rest of the health of the world. (You are not there to give warning alone, you need to tell countries to seriously not do certain things like flying in and out to china) instead, you were in total support for spreading the virus through ccp flights.

  20. China tail tedros is a great actor.. If china says he is redy to sale his wife and his mother..too, a true loyal person of china.

  21. WHO could have CHINA to impose LOCKDOWN from infected leaving CHINA. WHO is just like migrant workers falling asleep on railway tracks while trying to escape the COVID-19. All the previous outbreaks were being named as the place of origin. Why not name it as WHO-WUHAN FLU?

  22. WHO’s INACTION from Jan to Feb causes the pandemic to go out of control and you want to blame the world leaders for inaction? 🤔😲

    When the Chinese government let their people carrying the virus running all over the world after Jan, 2020, there were NOTHING the world leaders can do at that point…


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