Live from the virtual WHA73.



  1. 🤭Did u hear this lady as a president
    (Ask or Axe)🤔 which one??🤔 just wondering what is the meducation level to work in this organization to work as the president????

  2. This is the special Olympics of politics and health…. how do any of these people have jobs…. oh yeah because bribes and corruption. lol when i watch this i feel like im watching the broken English version of Chinese Propaganda.

  3. WHO slogan: Leaving no one behind: Equity, gender and human rights policy to practice
    How dare you talk about human right… And where is Taiwan??

  4. This lying Organization, I do not want my taxes to go to them…… how can I stop that? They put me in the Hospital and killed my father.

  5. Most Currept👉 TEDROS now he is RECHEST PERSON in world & KING OF ETHIOPIA Because Of CHINA — VIRUS.😜😆😁🤧😭

  6. WHO failed on his duty and now is joking to united they work like a time pass duty . The name of virus also joke

  7. Absolute brilliant time for all the youtube keyboard warriors to ignore the worlds only global health organisation during a pandemic. Too much 15 minutes Twitter doses of Trump, ignoring lockdown. Trump told you not to wear masks BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH! It’s ok though, lucky the virus doesn’t distinguish between politics. Ignore the doctors and listen to the politicians, see what happens.


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