Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 27 April 2020


Originally broadcast live on 27 April 2020, the daily press briefing on coronavirus COVID-19, direct from WHO Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme.


  1. Yes from the same guy who said it has no evidence of human to human transmission and travel ban is overrated months ago. Remember your lies can kill peoples.

  2. Where, oh where, was your global solidarity when you openly criticized countries for their self imposed travel bans on China at the beginning?!! The only solidarity you had was to China’s political and economic interests!!! If you had done the one job you had to do properly, we wouldn’t even be here in this huge mess!! Cant believe my tax-paying dollars went to fund your bullshit!! You will be held accountable!!!

  3. Why did WHO not protest
    Chinese people bought out all the medical supplies all over the world and shipped back to China in the past 4 months??

  4. We all know what happened in China when the WHO went to investigate the epidemic in January. They went to the laboratories, had cake and coffee before attending 10-course Chinese banquet and drinks, before adjourning to enjoy the hookers at the local brothels. That’s how the Chinese operate, divert attention with wine, women and song.

  5. hotcool =people are smart and creative = good science can cure = bad science kills = be smart, brave, nice and safe= we can defeat COVID 19 = om Buddha shanthi om = thank you

  6. Remove him
    Else shut down who
    I don’t understand why people are listening him killers of lakhs of people why USA is keeping silence after so many innocent people died

  7. Why he is not telling 4 modified insert in gynoms virus which can’t be natural
    Why he is not telling which is still hided very soon world will find out no one stay stupid for long time

  8. Don’t you embarrass the Eritreans. Love and respect you. Many positives blessings bestowed upon all.

  9. the first day since the virus began u started to care more about politics than health!! Investigate China!

  10. 嗯,台灣小三大三期,垃圾袋事件,北部百姓反應,??,无理,科技濃縮食品,有无申請藥物許可,,,證,So,其實商官免證照即可企業化,,,So,牧師也成教国主,,,但,从哪傳入教意,律師或軍閥,,,??,己业己持卻不知何位入傳,,,比网絡傳其更其教无可比,,,SO,??,不矛盾。

  11. By now I believe 99% of medical practitioners no longer listen to your nonsense. You have gone from one blunder to the next wasting billions of USDs and millions of lives in the process. You piroutte and fiddle, from your H1N1 to Covid-19 abysmal failures. Your arrogant incompetence is hurting the trust in all UN bodies.

  12. Liars. Yall should be ashamed pushing some bullshit and having YouTube delete dr Ericksons videos! Inexcusable!

  13. I’m searching for “dr erickson covid 19 briefing” and what Youtube is showing me is this WHO bs here! WTF is going on?!

  14. Reminder:
    It is obviously the world has been re-organization by CCP virus. European countries still in their sweet dream of enjoying freedom, human rights, free of speech. People only can be awakened when he(she) being kicked or facing life damage. Not that far away…. because CCP is buying your politicians to work for them, just like WHO Tedros(es). Trust me, define CCP is a terrorist organization as soon as you may keep you and your family safer.

  15. TAIWAN tried to tell “who”? Twice Taiwan did but who at who choose to cave and listen to the ccp lie and spin and now they spin some more . Would it not be better to say we did what we did is not half as bad as denial and then not learning from mistakes made instead of viewig all as an information management problem requiring circling the square with even more surveillance

  16. Technical lead covid-19
    WHO Health Emergencies program ???

    You kidding me ?? If this program workable and did its job, where came the pandemic ??

  17. When power goes to wrong hands..this is the extent of disaster that likely to take place .this guy ia a crook..ans Chinese connection is something can’t be tolerated as who stands for fucking world health organization..ans they not even once ridiculed China for such devastation..China lied upon lied..yet kept covering India..we believe in ayurveda..ayurveda is all about strengthening your immunity.rather than curing yourself in later stage of any ailing..
    But who’s guidelines are so ambiguous..they wants the patient to be inside a closed and non ventilated room.. masked..a coronavirus patient by default suffer from lung inflammation.. and breath issues..and ventilation and more air supply is utmostly necessary to get treated well..
    ..also they declared these to be an pendamic way lately..China cooking one upon another propaganda of transmission of virus to human through food chain..bats pangolin..than why yet their animal Market reopened in Wuhan?? Who should have asked Chinese govt to ressurected their lifestyle eating’s not new that China release virus now .they often releases viruses like music album consequitively..looks like just another money making agenda collaboratively with china

  18. With the number of Covid cases and fatalities, seriously do we all need a Bloody Swine to tell us what to do?

  19. What the fuck is this? Did he just tried to explain himself? “UNITY AT GLOBAL LEVEL” Lol, he still praised for the CCP.
    W.H.O are “Corrupted, Lier, Chinese’s puppet”


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