Live on COVID-19 transmission with Dr Michael Ryan and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove


Live Q&A broadcast on 09 June 2020 on COVID-19 transmission with Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Host is Nyka Alexander.


  1. “i don’t want to get too technical”= “i’m full of shit and will not relinquish are ability to control you”…

    oh, and her sibilance reminds me of willie whistle

  2. So all those people that were tested positive with no symptoms what so ever, never had covid19. So does that mean covid19 test are defective and the numbers of positive is way off or this virus is just one big BS?

  3. Dr ? Maria Van you went out of your zone by given false hope yesterday which i’am sure would be against WHO Rules and causing confusion. why would you do that?. Do the honorable thing and resign. The ppl have lost trust in you now.

  4. How dare she flip things on people saying “… perhaps some misunderstandings…” You know woman, WHO is Wuhan Helping Orderlies. And you are as incompetent as the dimwit that heads it. I am glad my country, India, does not trust this useless organization as we have our own – ICMR.

  5. The WHO needs to explain to the public in detail how virus types like Corona and influenza have radically high error rates by the hijacked Ribosome’ s micromolecular replicatory transcribing machinery inside the cells nucleus. This is known in microbiology as Antigenic shift /drift . This constant mutation in the viral RNA genetic blueprint is an guaranteed inevitability (not if but when) This coupled with the natural immunity factor developing in the general healthy human population, will nullify the effective immune response from a vaccine long before it has time to be developed. This is a fundamental immunological fact that organizations like the (WHO) are obligated to explain to the world.

  6. Dr. Van Kerkhove, you realize that with your misdirected and confusing statements about asymptomatic spread that you’ll have probably aided to the spread of this disease? Incredible and irresponsible. How many people will die because of this?

  7. Let me guess…CCP vetted these questions otherwise you wouldn’t answer them. I have a couple of questions: why did MR Tedros cover for China? Why didn’t you do your job to prevent this from turning in a pandemic ? Why did you ignore Taiwan warnings? Why are you corrupt ?

  8. Here is a short summary for those who have no time to watch the whole thing:
    Maria Van Kerkhove at 04:02 “We had reports from member states saying that when we follow asymptomatic cases it’s very rare, and I used the phrase very rare, that we found a secondary transmission.” Then she went on saying that there’s so many unknowns, and “there’s a big range from the different models” and then she said at 04:39 “some estimates of around 40 percent of transmission may be due to asymptomatic, but those are from models, and so I didn’t include that in my answer yesterday.” Later at 05:49 she added “What proportion of those that don’t have symptoms actually transmit and that’s a big open question and that remains an open question.”
    The bottom line is that asymptomatic transmission remains a big unknown, some data (which were provided by some members but were not properly peer-reviewed yet) show asymptomatic transmission is very rare, on the other hand, some epidemiological models predicts that asymptomatic transmission is significant (up to 40%).

  9. There is NO misunderstanding about Dr. Van Kerkhove had said the day before. Apparently, the chiefs at the WHO forced her analysis because what she reported yesterday was deemed no politically correct science. Orwell’s future is here.

  10. With natural therapies, these people’s future is unemployment and they are trying to cease power by distancing people. They have managed to stop people shaking hands, hugging, kissing becoming a martial society.

  11. You guys are a bunch of liars we already learned from this one doctor that these virus is just like the SARS and if you treated the same way people will not die

  12. Yesterday you told the truth. Today you seem to withdraw your revelation that just doesn’t fit the crooked Vaxxination Agenda of Big (Bill Gates) Pharma Parasites/the Pharma Maffia ! Dare to tell the truth. Contamination in open air situations is 0.001 %. Indoor contamination by non-symptomatic = healthy people is 0,00% . So just cut the crab and withdraw the 1,5 m. madness ! Having said that : contamination with the corona virus doesn’t mean you are going to be ill ! Also that chance is very very small. So thank you very much Maria van Kerkhove for dismantelling the whole Corona Bull Shit ! You are probably going to be sacked for your revelation…. I hope that you will find a better job than having to work for the corrupted WHO.

  13. The most useless bunch of professionals I have ever met. Sorry you did not do your job. You have failed the whole world.


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