LIVE Q&A on COVID-19 with Dr Maria Van Kerkhove



  1. good day to you doctor maria can you give my regards to all doctors and scientist in geniva specially doctor ryan derictor general doctor thedros. god bless

  2. WHO has been repeatedly ask everyone to stay safe and be respectful to each other like wearing face masks, physical distancing and stay indoor as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus! The problem is not everyone are listening, some even think they are immune from the virus and are selfish!

  3. Have not watched Maria for a while . She has certainly upped her game from sounding like a 10 year old to at least
    a 22 year old just fresh out of her university studies .Her coach is doing a great job .
    The questioner was very skilled at the 22:55 min mark when Relaying the question “why are you both not wearing masks” ? to what are the guidelines for wearing a mask ? to which Maria went on to her practised answer . LOL

  4. We no need vaccine if 76 old man amitabh gets cure without medicine . Indian immunity system so strong that they no need vaccine.WHO instead advice indian government to control population. Otherwise don’t give any help to india.

  5. demonstration in Tel Aviv, Israel, on April 19. JACK GUEZ/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

    TEL AVIV, Israel—For leaders around the world, the coronavirus has been a colossal challenge, testing their ability to manage a crisis on an unparalleled scale. But for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the pandemic has also been a political salve, allowing him to put off his corruption trial, smash the country’s main opposition party, and now forge a governing majority that had eluded him since late 2018.

  6. I want to say that you are doing a good job about how we must avoid covid19. But I think that you can add in that prevention that everyone must eat healthy.

  7. What is the strategy for slum areas? How can we protect ourself from this infection where social distancing is very difficult.

  8. As has been said on many occasions over the months of this pandemic: where we can we should open the windows and ventilate!
    As we know last week 239 scientists from 32 countries sent an open letter to the WHO urging them to get real, review their guidelines, and acknowledge that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads not only in larger droplets but also as an aerosol. These micro-droplets can remain suspended in the air for extended periods and it becomes critical in indoor areas where air movement may be sluggish.
    There is a great way to neutralise all viruses and bacteria (present and future) in indoor areas, and that is with exposure to FarUV light.
    Here are some examples of locations for installation:
    Factories, food production facilities, shops, clubs, pubs, public areas,public transport, taxis cruise liners and Naval ships.
    This FarUV light (207-222nm) was developed in the USA in conjunction with NASA and the US Military and was thoroughly researched in 2018 to ensure a sound safety profile and an excellent effectiveness profile. Further research evidence has become available this month specifically effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2
    At low doses.
    Unlike other Ultra-Violet frequencies this narrow frequency band has been shown to be safe for people’s skin and eyes, & can remain on when rooms are occupied. It is very effective in neutralising aerosol viruses (seconds) and viral contamination on hard surfaces (minutes).
    Japan has already started to use FarUV lighting units in some schools and hospitals.
    Starting up mass production has been the challenge but a US production line starts next month & September in Japan.These lights, when added to regular cleaning schedules, will make treated areas in all locations as fully sterilised as the best sterile operating theatres and will give the public confidence to venture out again.
    These units should be massively mass produced in the US, if necessary under THE DEFENCE PRODUCTION ACT and other countries under licence. Economic impact will be minimal compared to measures taken by our Governments so far.
    This additional exciting new system is a real opportunity to stop spread in its tracks and save our battered economies. It also has the potential to future proof us against other new pandemic respiratory viruses or bacteria that may be on their way!

  9. Yesterday I visited one of the most busy and popular cremation ground of Delhi due to a death in the family due to cancer and not from Covid. I asked the official about the number of bodies arriving daily . He told that 30-35 bodies are coming daily instead of 120- 140 normally. Information from local chemists is there sales has dropped drastically. We know that a large number of medical services are not working 100%. Can we assume that iotrogenic diseases have come down due to panic among Doctors and a major reason of premature deaths is drugs. WHO if it is an unbiased true welfare organisation should come out with a study of drop in overall death rate and contribution of pharmaceuticals in mortality..

  10. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink water more, can increase your metabolism ability, resistance to virus infection, you should take more exercise indoors, such as push-ups, dumbbells, and is to keep themselves clean, take a shower and wash your hands frequently, reduce foreign contact, keep indoor and ventilated, let you every day contact with immobilized, effective to protect themselves, to protect yourself, also protect others, you don’t need to worry about masks will let you won’t be able to show their beauty, also do not need to worry it will hinder your breath, mask it is human nature, will give you the most reasonable survival foundation, also let you to live more comfortably

  11. Not only has a strong strength of heroes have a responsibility, we all have responsibility, when we wear the masks, to protect themselves don’t become communicators, is more to protect others, so every one of you are wearing masks “spider-man”, when you carry yourself that seemingly small responsibility, actually you fight up the responsibility to save the world, because every one of you is a very important hub, passing the love to the world, with love to weave a net, caught up in our common enemy – the virus, so every one of you is a hero to save the world

  12. They came to Turkmenistan and took a bribe from the dictator and report 0 case in Turkmenistan. You’re the criminals!!!


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