Live Q&A on HIV during #COVID19. #AskWHO


Live Q&A on HIV during #COVID19. #AskWHO


  1. I find myself seeing so many similarities in what is happening now to circumnvent Covid In Canada as with the powers that be at the time were desperately trying to stop Aids from spreading where I grew up in South Africa ..but the only people that listened were the ones that believed they truly were trying to save our lives..and they never stopped till they were stopped.

  2. I have been tested twice over the years just to make sure I never got it here actually..many people with aids live in shelters right here in Canada…that’s why. I am all clear..I never got Aids …but I learnt how to stay that way…For one thing I don’t share untensills and I don’t sleep around..saved my life. I tell you people in the shelters in Canada have no idea what it is!

  3. Seriously…if the aids pandemic is now worlwide and millions have died and still dying is that team going to cure Covid? The Hep team came up with a cure for C..that’s very infectious..where are those guys?☠️

  4. wear were you the who back in december when you should of been all over covid you failed the world but enjoy your big fat pay for failing the world. this was your chance to show the world your worth. if the usa funds you they have there head in there ass.

  5. Ha ha ha, HIV has never been scientifically proven to exist, just like Covid 19, it’s the antiviral drugs like AZT that makes people sick and gives the so called symptoms, the test for HIV is the same that they use for covid 19, pure fraud, the only way you can get covid or HIV is to be tested for it. It’s all psychological, they frighten people into getting regularly tested, then if you test positive they scare you into taking the antivirals and then over time you get the symptoms from the drugs and die slowly and painfully. Whole for profit medical system is eugenics and scamdemics


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