Live Q&A on international travel during COVID-19. Ask your questions!



  1. WITH RESPECT, I honestly have legitimate questions because I feel you are causing more HARM to the world population then good:
    Q: If this shut-down was truly necessary, then why wasn’t it necessary for SARS, tuberculosis or the FLU?
    Q: If masks truly worked, then why are there “shut downs”.
    Q: If “shut-downs” truly worked, then why the mask requirements?
    Anyone with working critical thinking skills can logically evaluate all your nonsense for themselves.
    Q: Are you PURPOSELY trying to harm and/or terrify the population?
    Trying to stop my voice won’t help because there are millions who also think for themselves.

  2. Did you know that the virus is in the shape of a icosahedron which has 20 sides. What if each side carried with it a different code to attack weaker human cells…? Cells that hold pre-existing conditions, or those that have been dormant. I’m sure there is a more intelligent way of saying that – but one would be chasing their tail to solve it; or control/cure it?


  4. I can’t see anything new in here. But I did notice how the ladies from WHO avoided the question of airplane cabin AIR being safe. They said some planes filter the air (recycled) but only said that the filters can deal with small particles, no mention of it dealing with viruses. A lot of repetition really from other videos. I would have thought that by now, you would have something new to say on discoveries, transmission, I.e. percentage of asymptomatic cases and is that highly contagious? The government responses to this virus is producing great unrest and the ‘tabloid press’ are just totally feeding the fire. It’s a recipe for disaster. Everyone is looking for clarity and I personally look to you for the truth and informative updates. I find that you go into very little detail and stick to very broad generalisations that only seem to go round in circles. I’m really quite disappointed

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