Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. you have no knowledge. you are empty people without a job. you are even spoiling the health of the world

  2. Frauds and liars! NO ONE believes this SCAM. The boiling point is very close. WE, the people of the world, WILL RISE UP and annihilate your despicable plans. Count on it.

  3. hyperbaric oxygen overcomes the hypoxia in covid 19 by increasing the concentration of oxygen in the plasma unlike At sea level or higher altitude where small amount of oxygen is carried dissolved in the plasma. doesnt this no longer become trivial but significant in the formula? would it not also increase oxygen transportation bound to hemoglobin?
    Delivery of Oxygen = Cardiac Output x (Hgb x 1.39 x Oxygen Saturation) + (PaO2 x 0.003)
    Why isn’t who approving hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
    Why not utilize the millions of grounded aircraft as isolation hyperbaric wards to treat patients in ?
    Hyperbaric air alone will increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen and overcome the hypoxia.
    Give Glory to God who >4000years ago, handed moses the instructions (washing hands, face masks, quarantine, social distancing…) for treating covid19 and other infectious diseases. ‘Modern medicine’ did not discover/adopt these until ~150years ago.

  4. No virus anywhere through out history has been proven to exist or proved contagious. They have been lying and confabulating things to justify this medical system, if half the people on this planet could understand that, this would all end in a heartbeat

  5. For the guys wondering why who doesn’t ban live market please see be low

    Well If you see from a general point of view ends the animal market is not just as easy as you think. It was a historical tradition for some parts of china to eat certain live-animals. Even though The Communist goverments has put a series of policy trying to abonden the live-animal market. However, If you read about history you will have read how the abonden of alcoholic drink in Americas go. It turn into black market and the price quickly rises and more animals got killed. The black market is also not really sanitary and it will also causes more chance of infection. This is not that simple it is like telling you to give up beef or pasta at the next seconds and also WHO is not a political organisation. This means it cannot tell the communists goverment what to do. It is only a scientific organisation which can only give advise to the Chinese Communists goverment. So If you want to ban the live-animal market go to CGTN and not the WHO. Also on the side of Chinese communists goverment. At first abandoing the live-animal market would causes unemployment rate to rise and it would make the people who lived their for centuries unhappy. Because you have to understand the CCP is not as powerful as you think.They are plenty of races in China and for them the CCP is only a manager not a ruler that is why the chinese goverment build special adminstrastion sections to let themself take care of themselfes. Madam it is not as easy as you think. You cannot just go to the market and shuit it down. For some it yes certainly because you would find some of it just crucial and rich peoples just trying to found entertainment but to a certain extent when you come to the conception of a tradition or religions purpose it would turn into probobly a racism you know how seriously it would go. Despite those the CCP has announces to elimate all parts of wild life live-market despite one with special permissions those as i mentioned. So everbody is working on it the truth is not what you think and it is not as easy as you think. Go and search more knowledge and found out rather just sitting home and reading news which doesn’t tell you the details.

  6. coronavirus = AMERICAN MEDIA MANIPULATION so they can BLAME President Trump for everything…bunch of CRY BABIES! PEOPLE ARE NOT DYING IN DROVES! RELAX SHEEP!


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