Media briefing on COVID-19 – 18 September 2020


Joining WHO Director-General Dr Tedros at the Virtual Press Briefing of 18 September 2020 was

· Dr Jaouad Mahjour, Assistant Director-General, Emergency Preparedness and International Health Regulations, WHO
· Dr Mike Ryan, WHO Executive Director of the Emergencies Programme and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead for COVID-19.

To discuss the issue of preparedness, and recommandations of the GPMB report, they were also joined by
· Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, co-chair of GPMB
· Mr Elhadj As Sy, co-chair of the GPMB

All the latest info:


  1. Approximate pandemic start date: 01-Dec-19
    Days of pandemic 293

    World population: 7,812,796,000
    Total Infections: 30,691,232
    Total % of World’s population reported as infected: 0.39%
    Average days each individual actively infected: 7.76
    Average percent of the world’s population actively infected at any time during the pandemic: 0.010%

    Total deaths attributed to covid-19: 956,396
    Total % of World population dying while infected: 0.012%
    Average global daily deaths attributed to covid-19: 3264
    Average global daily deaths from all causes of death: 146,000
    Percentage of global daily deaths attributed to covid-19*: 2.19%

    Percentage of World’s population dying each day before the pandemic: 0.00187%
    Percentage of World’s population dying each day during the pandemic:*: 0.00191%
    Percentage change in daily death rate due to covid-19*: 0.00004%

    *Assumes all the people who died with covid-19 would have lived if the pandemic never happened.

  2. That person from “CANADA”, didn’t know what the hell he was
    talking about, when stating that “THE USA”, didn’t know, what the hell they were doing!! Who in the hell, does he think he is??

  3. WHO always speaks of only fund shortage . It’s not true, you have to do research in Wuhan were Sars 1 & 2 broke , you have to see thickly population & put Scientists & Researchers for investing the new Viruses. You have to develop Scientists & Doctor’s under WHO & put other’s country Scientists to different countries.

  4. Would appreciate if we in different time zones get advanced information on media briefings if there is already one then we need good announcements of the timeliness for future media briefings.
    1.Would like to know the health status of the affected individuals in the oxford tests.
    2. What kind of sampling size mandated by who durin phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3.
    3. Efficacy lifestyle of the hopefully upcoming vaccines being tested
    4. Is there possibility for who to advice nations to aggresively assure and check the status of the poor in India as this pandemic looks like it will be around for sometime.
    5. Can the UNO be more visible in expressing concerns about the poorest section of society globally. Why no online data of the poorest people available with who especially UNO.
    6. WHO and UNO please create a minimum criteria for public nation wise online enrolment of the poor of the world as politics in respectives nations could be reflecting wrong numbers. Use social media and internet to have a uno and who online enrollment of the deprived sections of society to help them.

  5. NO,..
    Why telling us to WASH OUR HANDS, which we already know to do ! .. wear mask,… BUT WHY DENY US THE PROVEN MEDICATIONS THAT COULD REALLY HELP US ?
    Medication, one of which is HYDROXICHLORIQUINE,.. as well as others medications… as a preventive or early treatment.
    Small amounts are all that is needed.
    It has been used, and proven successful.
    Thx you

  6. You are more likely to die in a car accident than to die from Covid. This virus is no more or less deadly than influenza. Look at these assholes, all of them completely incompetent in their jobs. This whole organisation is corrupt.

  7. This is all about money, The US has de-funded them and now they are short of money. After doing CCP’s bidding on Covid they now want us to fund them again to follow CCP instructions again.

  8. I can not wait to help the people of the world.
    Take you elite pricks down.
    You made the worst mistake in our history
    And now you will pay the price
    Just like the nazis did. Games up

  9. What the hell man are we gonna get from your bullshit press conference ? Had you been true and loyal to the world not to the Chinese the world would have been a better place. The biggest blunder you the WHO (Wuhan Health Organisation) has done to the humanity. You are the people who are solely responsible for the people who lost their lives , you and China are the ones to blamed and and Cursed with the today’s situation . I don’t know much about administration but I know one thing that you are boot lickers of China who said In January that cutting off travel with China will not be a good sign but remember one thing more are going to lose the life because of you the world has seen what the hell was the purpose to setup this organization one of them would definitely have been to inform the people about the dangers . But no no you people are boot lickers goddamn boot lickers you have no faith and anything. Come on I challenge you to repeat what the words you said you thieves. I feel like beating you till death because I am mentally tortured and I am getting frustrated day by day my mental health is getting from bad to worse and listen whenever I see you face I feel like giving a tight slap on you face that nobody in world would ever do what you have done. You are cursed.

  10. Skinny and healthy humans part 3.
    This New human physical structure, of thin body, of enviable appearance, of brain-computer free of “greases” so that it allows you to interact and remember everything that is done in the Spiritual World; in a real way, as it is done in physical life; it requires drastic measures to be taken in relation to food and drink.
    Here’s what needs to be done:
    1) Cereals, dried beans, roots, vegetables – all cooked without oil, little salt.
    2) Lean meats roasted or cooked, without oil, low salt.
    3) Use green leaves in the form of salads, without oil, little salt.
    4) Use fruits, chewed, or in the form of juices.
    5) Medicine does not tell us; but it is known that there is more than enough fat in meat, cereals and legumes to keep the body in perfect health.
    6) Therefore, do not use what is excessively greasy – fatty meat, egg, fresh or dried sausage, ham, sausage, bologna, butter, margarine, yogurt, whole milk, mozzarella cheese, cake, biscuit, and cooking oil itself .
    7) By strictly following what these items say; you will say goodbye to the diseases of obesity, baldness, diabetes and its complications, heart attack, stroke, swelling, early old age, etc.
    8) You have two options: continue to follow the wrong structure that started when we lost Paradise, or choose to be the New Man, the New Woman.
    Despite these recommendations, it must be taken into account that the excesses of sweet things, even though they are fruits, impair the operational capacity of the liver and pancreas.
    This sweetened blood due to the low operational capacity reaches the brain to limit the presentation of these “HD videos” of our dreams in the spiritual world.
    In physical life this sweetened blood harms and even causes blindness to our eyes – video cameras.
    Fat – blood thickener.
    Sugar – corrosive to these “video cameras” and the mucous membranes of the stomach and lungs.
    Anyway – fats and sweet things: two factors that have taken over humanity to end our immunity and health.
    This is not all, because you have to overcome the wrong habit of sleeping on your side.
    So, let’s start sleeping on our backs, leaning against the headboard.
    As we get used to this position, we will see that there will be more health due to better blood oxygenation, including a brain-computer cleaner from impurities and better prepared for extrasensory manifestations.
    The new generations will be inserted in this context and, in no way will they accept the subtle and enigmatic suggestions of the controllers, whether explicitly or implicitly.
    The human evil of greed tries to prevail over the divine; but by following this and other texts in this book, you will be protected from these viruses created in laboratories.
    Jesus knew of the very little evolution of contemporaries; then it was common for Him to say the following words: Whoever has eyes to see, see; whoever has ears to hear, let him hear; who has understanding to understand, understand!
    Today, the situation is not very different; not because of primitivism, but because there are diabolical humans in medicine and religion petrifying distorted concepts with the aim of perpetuating ignorance and thus obtaining the consequent profit with little effort.


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