Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. I don’t know what Mr Pompeo said about the WHO last Tuesday and I’m not going to find out because I know whatever he said is untrue! Pompeo is the one who spreads lies ALL THE TIMES!

    WHO is there to save lives! Don’t you dare Mr Pompeo to stand in their way! If you do so, you will become the enemy of the whole universe, just like COVID-19!

  2. Good job WHO for the challenges and obstructions deliberately placed in front of the organisation. Thank you for leading the fight and maintaining unity on this planet during this nasty pandemic! Shameful of those individuals and countries that attack the WHO with spurious and trumped up claims.

  3. i wonder if they even care they lost all credibility from the public
    shame on you who representatives … shame on you
    the main reason why this is a pandemic cause you have not closed the borders on time
    guess that chinese influence did its part
    fire already your corrupted president tedros cant believe he is still in office after such a huge screw up
    you basically fell a sleep on duty
    shame on you

  4. Using the cold (Corona) to take away our freedom and human rights is the work of tyrants. I hope these turncoats burn in hell!

  5. World hoax organization is not needed, viruses don’t exist you can’t catch them or spread them, symptoms of sickness occur when the body is to toxic and tries to detox the poisons out, please learn how nature and humans bodies work…….Rockefeller who created this medical industrial system, made homeopathy illegal for the masses but guess what he only used homeopathy and natural medicine for himself and his family, in fact he had his own naturopathic doctor living next door

  6. Anybody watching this should watch youtube dr john Campbell 24.07.2020 “US and WHO ” and see incompetence at it’s best.

  7. I would appreciate if WHO could provide the science showing the isolation and transmissibility of a virus. And more then anything, the science that support what is believed of vaccin. I’ve been searching, asking for 25+ years and I still fail having seen any.

  8. Tedros, Michael and Maria are no longer part of the WHO because they killed so many people and they should all be in Prison.

  9. I don’t trust WHO one bit since when did WHO have the power to close the world look at the symbolism

  10. Radiation pollution causes all human disease viral fever etc…
    WHO develop radiation pollution source coordinates detector app
    It’s a simple app
    Send me app address through this message
    Prevention is better than cure
    Save our real life
    Save our real atmosphere


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