Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. ВОЗ себя уже дисредитировала, обычная продажная контора.

  2. Yay a reporter finally asked about China visit !!! Hey it’s been months – And like always no answer !
    How many people in the world ? How many listen to this transmission video ‘ They need a better way to get info to mainstream media …Not very compassionate about the many who lost their lives and children cases are now rising – they knew from China about children as transmitting. Still have those disgusting wet markets In China , what did they learn ? When are they going to ban them ? These people represent humans around the the World ! Why they getting political??
    It’s the same old every week ..nothing new …it was novel and it’s only a month , it’s novel and it’s going to be 9months . What have you learned ????.

  3. Dr. Tedros I am from the USA and in one of your first briefings you said “pandemics and politics do not mix because the people are the ones that will suffer, ” you were exactly correct in saying that. The USA now has over 170,000 deaths with no leadership or uniform guidance. Thank you for the WHO leadership and guidance your team gives us.

  4. I have watched everyone of these since the very start of the daily/ weekly briefings. Im started to notice these questions are pre picked. They are mainly the same questions since the very start and why choose a regular at the end every briefing when at the beginning of every briefing there are 100 s waiting. What about the people with different questions. Its the same with every government never really a straight answer to a question. Fed up with it niw and always supported. RANDOM QUESTIONS PLEASE and straight answers not talking for over 10 minutes every question and answer. Just do quick fire questions and straight forward one sentence answers. STOP ANSWERING YOUR OWN QUESTIONS Thank you


  6. Organization like WHO are useless as fuck. it’s just a way for people to gobble up the charity and donations even in the third world countries. everyone knows this in the 3rd world. fuck this shitfest.

  7. You just making yourself look stupid and stupid and stupid you are the biggest hypocrites you’re just like the media in the United States shut the fuck up

  8. 🛑🛑 People better wake up fast! They are unleash a NANOBOTS bio gel chip in these vaccines to change your DNA .

  9. There is No One dying from this Plandemic. Nobody. Everyone that supposedly has it & dies had pre existing conditions that led to their death. Then they check for this CVD-19 & day that’s the cause. This is a joke. They are slowly taking away all our rights & this idiot thinks he rules us!

    You are wrong sir. This will be exposed more & more & you’ll be running for your life to not be locked up in jail along w/ the others saying the common cold is cvd-19.

    If this was even partially true, who’s dying of this & this only?? No One! No body.

    Don’t let them take away our rights. This is Exactly what’s happening.

  10. I Have the cure for this. Main Stream Media, shut up about this lie & it will go away. No one is being fooled by this anymore.

  11. I would like to hear about the visit , investigation in wuhan – it’s been much too long with no report. We are waiting!! Is it politics- Unacceptable that you cannot provide any little bit of info learned ( though you knew 9 months ago ) Talk about climate , rivers , coal.. what about wet markets ? How they treat live animals. How blood and guts are alk over chopping blocks .
    Is this virus natural or a man-made accident?

  12. We will die everyday, it’s not only corona virus, soon we will die woth not eat, and not Drink.. we are tired to listen like this, always repeat, repeat and repeat again.. PLEASE MAKE THE VACCINE READY AS SSON AS POSSIBLE

  13. i have no idea why i subscribed to you because you people are trying to stop me from infecting everyone on earth… which i will

  14. Can the WHO do more to make the UK government do more the make businesses change for the long-term instead of relying on its resident’s common-sense because too many people think that things will go back to normal without understandind that things can’t go back to normal and must become greener as clearly outlined in this WHO media briefing by Dr. Tedros?

  15. Could WHO advise all UK schools to communicate clearly that masks are a supplement to social distancing rather than an alternative as public understanding needs to be stronger?

  16. The most discouraging and useless guy is dentist tedros. I don’t know where or which universe WHO found this guy

  17. Here’s the facts. Don’t be scared of an ailment that has a 99.96% survival rate.
    If it was so dangerous we’d have bio waste bins for our masks.

  18. Evil liars. No one trusts you. We do not consent to Agenda21 and the NWO. You are all psychopaths and do NOT care anything about human life.

  19. It seems Tedros has not read my free book on Climate Change – and I am guessing the same can be said of other WHO panel members – who are all guilty of crimes against humanity and, in a sane world, would at least not have a job by now and at most be in prison. See my website (same as my YouTube name – with a .com at the end) to find my free books. Also click the COVID19 button to find all the updates on that, revealing what Tedros et al are really up to….


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