Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Tedros finally got the memo from Xi JInping to wear masks.
    Tedros does a press conference/update to wear masks after China and WHO and Tedros and everyone on that panel have infected and killed millions. Great Work Tedros….Great work son. You parasite!

  2. No one believes the WHO. WHO is a farce, just like the CDC. WHO=Bill Gates=Fauci=BIG Pharma=SURVEILLANCE=FORCED Vaccines.

  3. WHO media briefing 5 June 2020
    1:19 DG opening remarks.
    9:22 Hydroxychloroquine UK trial?
    12:36 Vaccine access?
    17:36 Guidelines for leadership?
    18:58 Mix messages from researchers?
    28:39 Mask?
    42:44 Hydroxychloroquine?
    44:22 India situation?
    51:51 Long term shedding?
    56:52 Chloroquine?
    58:42 Mask guidance.
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidance.

  4. Smart testing of all people >65 years of age in developing and under-developed countries can lower the burden indeed.

  5. hope people don’t forget the Tamiflu scam by WHO and chinese regime on SARS and avian flu outbreak, or much bigger. Gooogle had removed most of these scams…

  6. Tedros is guilty of crimes against humanity. His response to this crisis has always been months behind. Ignoring Taiwan, pandering to the CCP narrative and figures, condemning countries banning flights to China during the early days of the pandemic, refusing to endorse the wearing of masks until now. A complete disgrace. He should have been ousted when he made his criminal buddy Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador. I just hope WHO can come back from this in the decades to come. Its an important organisation

  7. Thank you for coming late we’ve done that in the first place man.

  8. WHO is an evil organization that destroys the world where only arrogant Caucasians who have low IQ but converse to Mensa can be destroyed. By what kind of person and what kind of person can enter? What is this organization for
    It’s creepy because I don’t understand at all.
    WHO evaluated the Chinese government. Japanese responded too slowly to the Chinese government. He criticized and denied WHO’s Tedros’s remorse, saying he would not have spread to Japan all over the world if the Chinese government responded earlier. WHO’s Tedros evaluated that the Japanese government is well controlling the coronavirus. The Japanese government is killing the people! The Japanese government responded too late, and the number of deaths from coronavirus infection in Japan is higher than in China. WHO is a group of idiots! WHO is a coronavirus.

  9. What a joke, the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus epidemic has been already wide spreading all over the world for nearly half a year. The World Health Organization (WHO) is now finally realized the general public should wear masks in public places. Taiwan is way ahead of WHO in preventing this deadly epidemic.

  10. Mask are unhealthy with long term use. Their made for short term use only..not to be used 8 hours straight, like the poor grocery shop workers..
    You are recycling Your Own Carbon You Are Suppose To “Breath it Out” and away, not back into Your system

  11. F**k your Solidarity bullsh*t…High hopes of vaccinating the world!!…hahaha just all Floggs Can Someone tell these puppet leaders that the flu is just about done, these smashers just love to waste taxpayers money on something that no one will consent to anyhow (CCP Poison)…They can jab the crap in their own arm then their Children and families!!


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