Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Parabéns pelo trabalho o consulado tem que ajudar os filhos de sua pátria Haiti etc que estão subjugados em outro país que Deus /ala abençoe em todos os idiomas amém presidente

  2. Why do they need boosters when you said they need only one,well then it came two now you saying 3 ,who are you People decieving ? soon coming 4 and 5 boosters or top up like mobile credit . You people should STOP polluting the politicians minds to uppress their countrys men . How come gorvernment suddenly care for his people to take drugs which They dont have any idea off ? whiles for years this same governments dont care and dont know how people feed their family till day !!!!!!!!

  3. Any “news” in what will be done _to_ the *truly* unedited people?
    Meaning those that have_never_ taken one dos in the first place?
    Also, what will be done to those “unvaccinated” people that took it 91 or more days ago & are now considered & likewise listed as “unvaccinated?”
    Will we be physically forced to edit our natural mRNA?


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