Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. WHO media briefing 17 June 2020
    1:37 DG opening remarks.
    9:50 Dexamethasone use?
    12:50 Continue work with US?
    16:19 Dexamethasone trial?
    20:49 Extraordinary China-Africa Summit & China support?
    26:03 Hydroxychloroquine update?
    29:00 Neglected diseases in Africa?
    31:26 Brazil situation?
    34:28 Distinguish between diseases?
    39:18 Hydroxychloroquine status clarification?
    41:26 Second lockdown?
    46:51 Behaviour of virus?
    50:02 Hydroxychloroquine clarification?
    52:12 Racial discrimination?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  2. Scientific analysis regarding corrona virus morphology structure and shape the laboratory technician or med tech when they research this virus they see a sunction and discharge in the shape or in the structure cell of the virus using with microscope or nanoscope because if this virus have this kind of structure I think they can play in the bud smell area specially there was a dead rat, dead animals, or fish. In the bud smell area if there was a infected person passing by there and spitting or coughing that is the flow of what is going on.

  3. Covid-19 came from USA. In China we call it American virus. USA had Covid since early 2019 but they call it flu. These are confirmed case in Feb 2019 in a 养老院 in USA. The 电子烟肺炎 and 禽流感 in USA in middle 2019 also Covid-19. USA army bring the Covid to Wuhan and China is the first one to find the truth. China Save the world and should be the only leader of the world. We will set up new rules and laws for the world. anyone obey us will benefit from it and anyone against us will be punished to death

  4. WHO IS corrupted, AND TEDROS NEEDS TO GO, WHO LIED PEOPLE DIED. Shame on you all… karma will visit you with a payback

  5. Why does WHO never mention ZINC in combination with HCQ ?
    From what I read about it, Zinc does the actual work, and HCQ helps it to get Zinc on the right position.

  6. You should be asking Dr Fauci how he NEW that there was gonna be a SURPRISE OUTBREAK IN 2017 . FAUCI, GATES AND W,H,O HAVE MASSIVE BLOOD ON THERE HANDS.

  7. Just would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to WHO, for exposing who your organization is working for, the CCP 共匪. May this Wuhan virus outbreak be the start of your PANDEMIC downfall of WHO & CCP 共匪.

  8. This was the same man that said masks were NOT necessary in January, so any lives would have been saved but for his WRONG advise

  9. World death organization. Anyone who listens to them gets worse off. Who will pay one way or another for the economic collapse. You scumbags won’t escape!

  10. This virus will never go away. It was a beautiful world. All the people were busy with their work. Suddenly this virus came from somewhere and left everyone in trouble.China is responsible for this virus . How many more viruses are there in China?


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