NEWS CONFERENCE: Polis provides update on Colorado’s response to COVID-19


Gov. Jared Polis provided an update Tuesday on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic amid surges of the virus in neighboring states.

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  1. Justified caution? Go straight to hell with that BS. Masks don’t work. Fauci said it himself. You are pandering to the panicky, uninformed and misinformed public that swallows your nonsense whole. I cannot wait to vote you out!

  2. What WE have to do a bit better at???? Governor, how about cracking down on the thousands and thousands of protestors that march shoulder to shoulder night after night through the streets of the cities in Colorado????? You seem to be more worried about two people sitting next to each other in a bar for 20 minutes having a beer than the non-masked protestors vandalizing buildings and statues throughout the state…..its been 3-4 weeks since the major protests…covid incubation is 2 weeks?…testing takes how long?….majority of those testing positive are below 35 years of age….hmmmm….sounds about right….

  3. Come on Trump, we followed your guidelines to test less to make it to the last place in all 50 states by testing per capita. 🤣

  4. Be a Leader. You are starting to seem wimpy. Address deaths and the huge difference between rural and urban populations. We don’t all live in Boulder.

  5. Social distance from Boulder/Denver and Airlines/Buses. Get real. You are offering us more loans and urging us to hire more when there less customers. Get real and grow a pair. Freedom is a basic value,. in our culture – government rule isn”t.


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