News conference: Polis provides Wednesday update on state’s COVID-19 response


The state of Colorado has seen three possible cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) announced during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. Calling Coloradans ignorant and selfish for exercising their God given liberties is just disgusting. I can’t wait to remove Polis from office

  2. Polis is part of the Western Pact looking for a 1Trillion federal money grab.
    Fake pandemic used to hurt our country and our state even more.

  3. So stay home or your going to keep us under lockdown longer….. I can’t wait to vote this guy out of office.

  4. So those of us who are sick of Polis’ tyrannical actions which are oppressive and completely unnecessary are ignorant and selfish? Contrary to what he and the media want us to think, the vast majority of people are sick of this. It’s time to move on.

  5. Who is having worse symptoms- test then for Lyme disease. CDC told doctors not to test unless in the 1st east coast states they labeled as having a high incidence of Lyme & if they did test, use their employee patented test that A study just showed (but patients knew) gives false negatives a lot- 71%. The CDC has presented Lyme as rare and easy to cure for 40 years (same guys in charge all that time & now in a lawsuit that has 4 health insurers settling- paid to make tests fail & alter guidelines. Lyme eventually destroys your immune system & looks a lot like this MISCwhich was predicted by a Lyme scientist did to a protein being present in the virus (that may also be in the “cure” according to two different videos- one about the cure and one about the longterm effects of the virus). Immunologists that understand Lyme’s impact on the immune system should be consulted about MIS-C.


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