President Trump and Melania Trump participate in the Coronavirus Heroism Awards



  1. The very gracious First Lady is the first in history to show us her……can I say it without my comment being deleted? I can’t take that chance!
    I will have say chest, bosom, or bazingas,… ( . )( . ) …and we love her!

  2. No greater President than Trump. His enemies envy his excellence, so they try to smear him and bring him down. May they fall on their own swords.

  3. WHAT A BUNCH OF PHONY DUMB_F-CKS!!!!! trumpty dumpty wanted a crown but what he WILL GET is VOTED DOWN (NOV 3rd) !!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Medicare fee of $135 a month deducted from SS benefits is over 20 percent of the monthly income for many of our Retired Seniors. If we really want to help those Senior Citizens who rely solely on Social Security for survival we really need to eliminate the $135 per month Medicare charge they must pay for Medicare. They also desperately need Drug coverage, Eye Glass and Dental Care to be included in the Social Security/Medicare that they paid dearly for during their faithful years of work

  5. A brief note about the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) comment about their not hearing from nurses regarding healthcare workers taking, or administering, the hydroxychloroquine tabs for Covid-19 prophylaxis or treatment:

    It is estimated that only about 10% of the approx. 4+ million nurses in the USA are members or represented by the ANA, & yet the organization claims to speak for all nurses. The ANA is very left-leaning, & many conservative nurses will not join it, or they do so reluctantly. I take anything they say politically w/ a grain of salt, & I often do not agree w/ their stance on many healthcare issues.
    The ANA is considered a lobbyingbut nurses there are required to join ANA if they wish to be a part of the TNA (TX Nurses Association).

    Anyway, only about 10% of the approx. 3.4+ million registered nurses in the USA are members or represented by the ANA, & yet the ANA claims to speak for all nurses. They are heavy into lobbying, w/ many liberal “activists” involved in heavily influencing our congressmen/women to vote for the leftist agenda (they hate Pres. Obama) using organization dues paid by nurses who do not agree w/ the organization’s stance on many issues.

    For instance, the ANA is pro-choice & stands behind Planned Parenthood. It is for gun control, specifically background checks & mental health programs for the victims (they believe people with mental illness are more likely to be the victims of gun violence rather than the perpetrators).

    The organization’s dues they collect help pay for lobbying to “educate” & pressure our legislature to vote for these liberal policies & laws. Often, if conservative nurses speak up, they are ridiculed, mocked & shunned by their fellow “liberal” members. So, they remain silent, justifying their membership by admitting that the ANA DOES do a lot of good in helping to educate nurses & the public, & keep us all informed of the issues facing the nation & world in regard to healthcare.
    My point is that like other labor unions, organizations will often say or do anything to make the other side of the issue(s) look like they’re doing something illegal, immoral, or unethical in order to sway the votes in upcoming elections.

  6. mice die in mousetraps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free…the same thing happens with SOCIALISM
    socialism is always easy to vote in,,,, but you always end up having to shoot your way out of it
    in a socialist country you line up for the bread ……….in a capitalist country the bread lines up for you
    the only people who support socialism are the one that cant support themselves

  7. God Bless you Mr. President and First Lady ! It’s good to see so much Love for this country again. All isn’t lost!

  8. I  do  NOT……”’PRAY”….FOR  THINGS    ANYMORE….I   speak  them   into  existence    and  there  IS    a   HUGE   difference…..and I think   ALL  people  should   practice  this.    5  20  2020       much  love  [[[Teesus]]]……..PASS  IT  ON…….”’SO  BE  IT”’


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