President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. Whoever brought the pseudo scientist midget prophet of doom named DR. TONY FAUCI to TRUMP is probably the same person who brought TRUMP the TRAITORS like JOHN BOLTON…GEN. KELLY…GEN. MATHIS…JEFF SESSION and REX TILLERSON into the inner circle of TRUMP.

    Look at the DEMONSTRATIONS against the STAY HOME and LOCK DOWN on different. STATES. It only means the FEAR MONGERING business of DR. TONY FAUCI is not taken seriously by the AMERICANS.

    It’s becoming very obvious everyday that this nincompoop
    DR. TONY FAUCI whose IQ is lower than a VILLAGE IDIOT is
    really a part of the FEAR MONGERING group that is connected with the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS and the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION to make the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC
    as MYSTERIOUS and as INCURABLE as possible.

    So that the entire ECONOMY of the WORLD will COLLAPSE because of FEAR.

    FEAR. mongering is WORST than FAKE NEWS reporting.

    But FEAR mongering is the backbone and the foundation of the entire MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY.

    The MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY made FEAR mongering an ART FORM.

    Simply because it’s their BREAD and BUTTER. It’s their biggest SOURCE of INCOME.

    Look at the narratives of FEAR mongering that the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY is spreading today.

    They were now reporting constantly that ASYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE were as dangerous as those tested POSITIVE for CORONA VIRUS.

    What’s that? Are we now suppose to SOCIAL DISTANCE with even our immediate family and best friends?

  2. Suggestion for POTUS Donald J Trump –
    USA, RUSSIA, INDIA, BRITAIN FRANCE, ITALY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA United should ask RED ARMY GENERALS to hand over Xi Jinping and other senior CCP leaders to ICJ for war crime trials within 72 hours or face complete annihilation of atleast 50% Chinese population.
    But the problem is that the world leaders around the globe are COWARDS as well as Hippocrits. They will allow millions to DIE due to desease, hunger , starvation but would do nothing against Xi Jinping, Bill Gates, TEDROS…🙄

  3. So I guess as long as you trust somebody you don’t have to worry about them giving you the virus this is such a joke complete joke

  4. The media and democrats do everything to make Trumps job harder. God bless him and his administration.

  5. So one of your CIA mercenaries from Texas Names YOU, and as being in on the overthrow of Venezuela! Wahaha! Maybe you will have a warrant for your arrest in Venezuela like you did to Maduro. Now we all know Columbia produces cocaine. US CIA set that up decades ago. Venezuela has the oil and gold you want! Get the hell out of Venezuela Nazi bitch CIA! Security firms are mercenary firms for politicians and corps or any rich person, to take anyone down they want! Serious fucking corruption world wide by the NWO fuckers! The world is going to crush the CIA pigs and all NWO! Can’t wait!

  6. Your language is so boring and generic. Never the details, just “Bill NWO Butthole” is doing a great job. Underneath that generic bullshit language is pure tyranny of all of you NWO!!! Treason!

  7. 5 dollars a ticket ..for the campaign …Trump rallies with fair social distancing….lets get them  going Mr. President  !…..Americans vote DT2O2O !…get registered now …..VOTE !

    March 1 – 6
    April 1 – 6,394
    May 1 – 65,776
    To Day – 74.577
    I’m not seeing the great job
    Trump keeps bragging about
    and Americans continue to Die

  9. Turn China into a crater for what they have done to many countries. Why because this is a act of war time too put China in it’s place once and for all .

  10. Social Security administration is stealing billion of dollar’s in cv funding from many Americans with child support this is a disgusting disgrace to every American. How do you steal money with no proof of claim at all . Social Security administration is using irs to rob Americans in need in a crisis a dire need . This is a national disgrace social security administration are criminals crooks liars organized crime fraudulent claims they are putting in against Americans with no proof of claim and they are funded too help Americans no hurt Americans.


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