President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. Good with this Short Speech by helikopter Mr president 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Soon are you president AGAIN god blees you. You always have a good plan for us Citizen i know that 🇺🇸✊

  2. ….as long as he gets attention his ego is stroked and he can pretend that he’s working. Meanwhile 90.000 deaths in a day or so. Totally under control? Now that was Bullshit………Get that moron out of the white House.

  3. Hell to the naw, bro, you gonna hear my voice. Stop manipulating cyber space, dude, that ain’t yo job.

  4. He should just grow his hair out long pull it back tight into a braided ponytail……😐


    I’m waiting for him to say, the heck with this and then just get a flattop…. But if you think about it, all his buildings are flat tops 🤔

  5. The economy will bloom and blossom. This shaking is affecting the universe, it is not permanent. Your faith is combined with works. Your faith is not dead. Keep keeping on sir. Heroes of faith in all nations are praying for you. AMERICA IS A CONQUEROR SO IS THE PRESIDENT AND THE CONGRESS. AMEN

  6. 💕Thank you President Donald J.Trump for your honesty, integrity, bravery and Patriotism, YOU + R. + APPRECIATED!!💕

  7. 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱United states of America is powerful country in the world🇺🇸😀🇺🇸. President Donald Trump is wonderful international leader.

  8. hotcool= nice space science = but just like the clean drinking water it is extremely important to lose the fear of future life on Earth = may be GINZING therapy = worriers of gods are healers not phobia disorders =dear president T how is your foot (?/?)= NO WW3 please= om truthful Buddha shanthi-shakthi om = thank you

  9. Going to go underground and meet with the satainic playrights! and rehearse the next skit to take down the country in a way that fools the idiots! vaccine time!

  10. Sorry Pontius for the heavy burden you wear.. blessings to you and your family…we care about everyone, and now its you..with respect…I say..thank you…a Blessing to you and your family….God Bless…thank you
    god Bless..Krishna as my savior

  11. God is using Donald Trump Mightily to do a great job in U.S. and the world at large. He is going to win with a land slide victory come November “3” 2020.

  12. Not wearing a mask is “not” a demonstration of faith in God. It is rather tempting God in the middle of a pandemic. And it is having a complete disregard for your neighbor whom you may infect. Anyone thinking that defying wearing a face mask is proper then you had better remember what Jesus said about the greatest command. Loving one another. By not wearing a mask you are committing sin against the greatest command. For what gain? Your freedom to do what you want to do? (Evil people masquerading as righteous people). God will cut many of you down in your prime for this arrogance on your part. Hopefully God will not allow Trump to get away with this scot-free. It would be justice if Trump got Covid-19. As well as the many that scoff at mask wearing. You bring judgments upon your own head by your foolishness.

  13. Musical notes as weapons…I gather the slingshot effect is simply that people invade then are retracted with data they could get paid with if they can develop the data after I process it. It’s a great way to abuse someone who has ethic to work and creativity to work with. Not a big thing..really as vain as the English language as all language..I’m not Chinese…I’m not trying to out work other people to develop my own interests in security…i dont need thousands of characters and im not playing around with lies and fabrication. I do my work. There is a thing you don’t know. It also doesnt matter if you don’t know…you aren’t one is. That’s the key to all this. No one is me and i am no one else. That should not be used to satisfy a standard. You’ve been used to create a dangerous situation not just for our country but for reality itself and it’s cancelled human value and made fools of people who have lost thier lives and people think there’s some suitable reframing of that as equal to an expense of a trial performance as a military personnel. You have no idea what you’re problem really is and you couldn’t track it if you put the whole of the united states in next wave hospitals on scanners and detection devices. There’s nothing there. it’s not old it’s not new it’s not invented it’s not known it’s meaningless and keeps its own lack of value to establish what should not be done and what has not been done. This has been a very exacting waste of my time. You can rely on my mind to loosely search for congruency and even I cannot allow the occurance of any simulation or imitation of this reality. Interfere all you like and cast me as a wound to be aroused or sealed it does not matter…pain and suffering is all you offer me…for nothing…trivial elements of knowledge that all reveal you have no agenda and that is basic and integral for a cover of industry and systems. Nothing more and everything less and alternative. If you think this sounds devious or terroristic you should hear what you’re leaking…it sounds much worse and is actually much worse. You’re threatening and experiementing on citizens in thier own homes and basically making occupational kennels for them. It’s a giant ship is all it is. No body no frame no integrity…no base…but it’s all it is in sum. So what it is will wait forever…and it will never ever exist to serve the same redundant purposes that are purchased here. It’s over what is and should not be is wasted and what should be and is not has not come. Laugh…consider…condition..whatever you like..nothing changes…these are treatments YOU offer me…nothing more than dope. I’m no fool. Life does not become a fool and death becomes one even less and the eyes set upon one as a judge are obvious and never unsensed. Hahaha…you’re so bold with nothing…your script will not do and that is why you avoid the issue but to dismiss it and laugh…you expect to predict a presence so it can evolve…the concept defeats itself. Reality is beyond us all. I am with you…nothing will ever change…

  14. Flim flam, word salad and Bow Locks. He hasn’t got a clue the narcissistic moron. There are very few leaders right now who really have a clue what’s going on. “We’re getting gear out.”. What a dumbass. I am sorry, but why are so many people swayed by this man?

  15. Thnx
    Those investing with beams use machines.. Electricity.. Some very U.s.a. knows.. Youtubie comments been be deleted.
    Hope helps these special mess.

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  17. Dotard cult tip of the day: You don’t fire 4 IGs in 6 weeks because you’re on the up’n’up…#bebest

  18. aur. co. p. are supporting the nat. of hypocrasy
    They kidnaped citizen

    Provided info.
    Good go here
    A override From A Special Advisor of T.W.H.


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