President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


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  2. So… he rebuilt the military, the USA, NASA, economy and whatever else I forgot. This guy is full of it. Its the opposite!

    *marxist activist faux press attempting to*
    *bring harm to All Americans as per usual*

  4. Again we love here in Tennessee and may lord be always with you you fight for our freedom and constitution you r best

  5. He has to stop pandering to the race baiters by saying MAGA loves African Americans. That is just silly to say to people who ignore the obvious and pit races against each that is why they are fake news. We know there are African Americans who are more than welcome at Trump rallies and vote for him. The corrupt media hate it and will never be ok with it so defending MAGA to them is a waste of time. We know who the evil people are, Mr.President. We know.

  6. George Floyd should be alive today. All four cops should be charged. Nobody tried to help him. On the other hand, theses lowlife thugs, are not honoring the memory of this young man. Target, CVS, Victoria’s Secret, ECT. Have done NOTHING to hurt this man, or his family!!!

  7. Appeal to the greatest and courageous President the United States has ever had. HELP! All android phones have without asking for permission and impossible to remove: “COVID-19 exposure notifications ” From Italy.

  8. Anonymous, do your thing…we have a right to know what’s going on…enlighten us …perspective leads to empathy and in order to make a change and make things better, we need the truth and to know what we are up against. Voting doesn’t work if we keep voting for the wrong people because we lack the perspective and empathy that leads to our enlightenment. ( sounds like crazy talk till you finally grasp the depth of the concept) 💚🤝🏿🤝🏾🤝🏽🤝🏼🤝🏻

  9. What a piece of shit well people are dying in the streets he’s out playing space cadet a coward draft Dodger if that you fuck your family they will never live in peace from what you have done your daddy was a piece of shit to a liar and a cheat all around coward

  10. Hi from germany, we love u trump. Schöne grüße aus Deutschland, bring die alle bastarde in den knast! Du bist unglaublich 💓. Haltet durch USA


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