President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. I would like to hear similar speech from India’s PM Narendra Modiji highlighting China’s dishonest relationship with India. Working against India’s interest and supporting terror state Pakistan and its terrorists.

  2. Trump supports protesters/ rioters in Hong Kong, calls them freedom fighters, yet he condemned the black protesters in Minneapolis and instructs the national guards to shoot them. Double standard. The height of hypocrisy.

  3. The so-called “basic law” of Hong Kong has been changed several times by the CCP in order to tighter their control over the territory. It is a meaningless document the CCP reference to bypass international treaties through Hong Kong.

  4. China should make more statements and do it correctly, in the press of the world! But they should think carefully about what they say, we will put every word on the scales afterwards. ! We’ll get every single word that was said out afterwards with evidence and facts. !!! Clearly put on the table because the gimmick has an end. !!!

  5. You’re looking at the new, “gloves off” Trump of 2020. Even Kayleigh is taking her gloves off. No more crap. Zero tolerance. This administration has had quite enough.

  6. As for Hong Kong,
    1st, It is none of America’s bloody business whatever internal law China imposes on any of its state. How about China or Russia meddle in USA’s internal affair n dictate what American should do within their home affairs? USA applies its own law throughout the whole world unlawfully, but China should not even impose any rightful law within its own boundary??? except with the consent by America ?

    2nd What China did was merely to pass a security law in an attempt to effectively maintain peace & order in Hong
    Kong when the local authority had failed to perform, and that is to be opposed violently by America ? Why ? U mean to say America wants to see the violent rioters continue to roam the streets freely, beat up innocent civilians, smash up shops & properties, obstruct traffic & wreck Hong Kong’s economy ? Why ? This is so evil hearted ! Whereas against the riot in USA, Trump just ordered the police to shoot ! But China should not even strengthen its security law ? They call the protesters in USA rioters, but call the Hong Kong’s rioters who beat up innocent passers-by & attack the policemen as peaceful protesters & freedom fighters ? & even nominate the leaders for noble prize ? what a load of shit this is !

    3rd finally let’s get to the real truth — of course America will oppose anything that is meant to put out the fire in Hong Kong, as CIA is the one who set the fire in the first place ! The whole world knows, with proofs n evidences. Chinese government has actually been overly restraining, from catching the American & British secret agents red handed. But now with this national security strengthened, things changed n that’s why Trump jumped ! Be careful when u set more fires in other people’s backyard, you will get your own hands burnt ! There will be karma for all the evil deeds !

  7. Kudos President Trump! You are the greatest president in US history! More power to you. God bless you. God bless the USA!😀

  8. It’s so shockingly unbelievable that a world leader of the most advanced country has the cheek to twist &turn around all the true facts completely the other way round into blatant lies, in order to mislead the American public into thinking that he is the American savior against the all evil China, and hence will elect him for another term to continue his great work, at the very expense of the real TRUTH as well as the real American interest. Even more shocking is, there are still so many ignorant Americans here who buy all his lies, despite the fact that Trump had exposed himself for all his lies & stupidity on TV everyday to the world, including the stupidity of suggesting the injection of disinfectant into our lungs, as well as the stupid lies about China having concealed the virus case from the world, when China had already informed WHO and even USA on 3rd Jan, almost 2 months before the pandemic really picked up in numbers in USA. On the contrary, USA actually had the luxury of 2-months headstart compared to China, but it’s the stupidity, stubbornness & delayed action of Trump that led to more than a hundred thousand death, as compared to a mere 4000+ death in China !

  9. I’m absolutely to support President Trump. The development of China is not good for the world. Its development based on to stole the secret of technology, manipulate currency, dissrupt many government to invade the territory of many country in over the world.

  10. “China raided our industries…” That’s funny. It isn’t like China snuck into the US and carried off all of the manufacturing plants. It is the materialistic, greedy capitalistic society in the US that did that. The insatiable impulse of the US consumer to buy useless shit at the lowest price is what caused China to produce so many goods. How ironic that a communist country beat the capitalists at their own game. Many American corporations such as Apple and many more got rich by offshoring their manufacturing to China and other low wage countries. China isn’t the bogeyman here, it is corporate America. And this repulsive, fat, incompetent, corrupt narcissist is whining about it. Way to go Trump, MAHA (Make America Hate Again).
    3 months ago Trump was touting his wonderful trade agreement with China and how many billions it would bring to the US. China was our best friend according to Trump. Well look what happened, like most things Trump does it was all bull shit and smoke and mirrors. This disaster reflects Trumps complete ignorance of history and how the world really works. Nothing about China’s history since it became a communist country after WWII gives any indication that the Chinese can be trusted. But the ignorant great deal maker thinks he knows everything. His great deal blew up in his face, which was inevitable. Many of Trump’s other so called accomplishments will also fail because he has no idea how things work. He went bankrupt many times with his own businesses and he has never admitted to any fault or blame for anything bad in his life. He will do the same thing to the US. What an idiot. Wake up America and vote this fat pig out of office.

  11. More of my black friendships over the years you hear this. There more racist up here….then in the south!

  12. Something smells rotten, and it ain’t in Denmark. The word ‘Treason” is never expressed but everyone knows that China’s upper-hand is due to exactly that. Kissinger, anti-American to his core but thoroughly a NWO freak, is partly responsible for China’s rise, as well as was Nixon.
    Kissinger, a member of the CFR, has been working against the USA under the David Rockefeller NWO Agenda which is commonly know as the Communist Manifesto. President Trump was elected on a platform of getting traitors and child traffickers arrested and put out of society; he proved to be a back-slider, a person of threats but no follow-up. The three enemy organizations of intelligence gatherer’s who have been working 24/7 to remove President Trump are untouchable, apparently. All the while, Trump’s ally’s and supporters are/have been imprisoned and stripped of their financial worth. Shameful for President Trump to continue in double-speak and deceit. A nation impaled by treason that’s dying and has been for many decades will quite possibly realize its death under the Trump administration since President Trump has proven impotent, blusterous and very weak to the point of being child-like.

  13. The world need to understand real mindset of communist, they have to destroy opponent (the world now) in order to survive. That’s their believe, blood & DNA, the world have to joint force to eliminate it

  14. I am so grateful for President Trump, particularly during these unprecedented times. Despite daily vilification and constant vitriol he is consistent in his stance of protecting, and defending us and our rights both Nationally and Internationally. I pray for him, his family, his Advisors, indeed, for our country and all our citizens. May the rest of world know peace and health as well.

  15. A choral blessing from the UK was shared at the end of tonight’s call to prayer for women of the world from Anne Graham Lotz:

    Here is her prayer call:

    God’s blessings on his faithful friends and faithless enemies so that when we go, we go with Him, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the name above all names.

  16. Mr Trump is the right Leader to lead the world and protect all countries.
    China threatening many countries in different ways ! I hope Mr.Trump aware about that.

  17. China expansion military presence on South China Sea to threatening neighboring countries.

    China also created Airspace surveillance station in the south China Sea on man made island.
    All countries aircrafts which cross south China Sea has to get the permission with China Air Tariff control ,the main reason China want to control the south China Sea.

  18. China needs to pay for this and lying keep fighting president Trump WHO is a joke it is a China Project and they control it

  19. Trump….mabey we can inject disinfectents into peoples body….trump…mexicans will pay for wall…..trump….i can grope women cause iam rich… trump i just came back from middle east ( and he is in isreal saying this),,,,trump,,,, Well, if I ever ran for office, I’d do better as a Democrat than as a Republican – and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, because I’m conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me. When I walk down the street, those cabbies start yelling out their windows……. …..ypu must be really desperate and naive to take this man seriously……he is a scam artist…….good at manipulating weak people and he has a lot of people working for him that help him on his scam agenda,,, like his campain manager,,,, and top senior advisor….just to name a few…wake up to this scam artist….you are being scammed

  20. Quit damn talking Sir. Start damn crushing. We The People elected you for just this. Hammer down time Sir. We The People are with you ⚡️💪🇺🇸

  21. Correction: China did not take our manufacturing, it was given to them by the so called representatives of this country. This was a treasonous act against the people of the USA. NAFTa was promoted by the clintons, the Bushes, and all the elected officials who voted for NAFTA but they were not at the top of the pyramid but were puppets for the dark controllers. Hasnt China infiltrated California? It has certainly taken a hold on Australia. Why would the USA do business with a country who is well known to harvest organs and sell them internationally using innocent human beings? Why is there not one elected official speaking up about the UN NWO/Agenda21? If the leaders do not reveal the truth to the public the country will fall and when the US falls the other countries will follow and those who are part of this will not be protected but they think otherwise. Regarding the virus: the CDC has not isolated the virus under the Koch’s Postulate/Gold standard so how can there be a test or vax for it? Using exosomes as an ID marker for a virus is an intentional error. If there is a vaccine how is it that Fauci/Gates will profit even though it officially does not exist and if natural one can not receive a patent. Assuming it was man made or how else could so much money be made. The president of Tanzania had a papaya, goat, bird etc marked as humans and the tree, bird and goat tested positive for cv19. Does this mean that a tree has to be quarantined along with birds and goats? It is an opinion that in certain areas of the world people have been sprayed and it has caused an illness that is akin to high altitude sickness depleting humans of their oxygen. It is not cv19 which is a flu. Have you folks not read the Georgia Guidestones written in several languages and guarded in the state of Georgia. The first guideline is to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million. Remember: “My people are being destroyed from lack of knowledge”.

  22. 2020 Bravo you’re the best President Trump you’re hero god bless you god bless USA ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 we will vote for our President Trump and Republicans only President Trump it’s going to be REd all USA


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