President Trump Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Oh!!shut up!!!! Of course numbers are high,,they’ve never been so low!! Pat yourself on the back some more why don’t you. You’re so sicking

  2. Such a liar…even when the country is crumbling from covid and all he can do is bullshit, plus he is reading it, that a staff wrote and he reads like a 4th grader…he is so damn stupid it makes the rest of the world look like super geniuses. It is do painful listen to his well below adult reading skills. All he is saying is bullshit, fuck who still believes his crap


  4. Trump acts like nothing ever happened before and only he saved the country. All better than ever before by him the ventilator king. Everything with him is tremendous, in creating historic numbers of everything. I feel so sorry for my American friends having to deal with such an unmannered. And dangerous so called president. Feel so deeply sorry for all the Americans who lost their lives by this terrible covid 19.

  5. There are increased Kung Flu cases because testing is ramped up and mortality way down; less deadly than the common flu. (0.3% death rate)

    ~22% of the world infected & recovered since virus began in Wuhan China ~September 2019. Remember that nasty cold you had last year? Most likely Covid19.

    If a country dont test, you wont know who’s infected. US leads the world, by far, in testing.
    The End.

  6. 26:05 Good. Why would I be handing free money to someone that isn’t even a citizen? That reporter is a joke trying to get free cash for someone that isn’t even legal.

  7. A dictator for a president who lies to his citizens, and is responsible for more deaths than any other president. “A record by a lot.” Every single other country in the world is looking at you, and we are shaking our heads in dismay. Your country is broken in every way possible: Human rights, government, education, gun laws, prisons, racism, prejudice, and so much more. A culture of fear and greed has corrupted and shattered your democracy. Vote for change, and protest for change. Only the people can remove this evil from the White House.

  8. What about being happy that 99% of people recover? It is aweful we lost lives, but I want to know why none of these reporters are not asking why over half of our deaths were caused by democrat governors like Cuomo and Newsome forcing our most precious elders into nursing homes with covid to spread it further, when they were the most at risk.

  9. As much as people hate this guy, I don’t think Biden is gonna defeat him. Looks like the 2020 incumbent is gonna win. You can also use the S&P 500 to predict who the President will be. LOOK IT UP! The S&P 500 has been correct 100% of the time at predicting who the President will be since 1980. And since 1928, the S&P 500 has an astounding 83% success rate at predicting who the President will be, and 100% since 1980!
    FACT: When the S&P 500 goes up in the last 90 days of an American Presidential election, the incumbent becomes President. LOOK IT UP!

  10. I love our president. I would really like to see him giving up on his haircut though.. Stop the comb over .. Just trim it ..

  11. I think this fake reporters do not understand that people will remember them…I mean not in a good way! If I ever see one of them on my diveboat, I will kick them of and refuse service!!

  12. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (the President did not just make this up, he’s given this info) ….Our Nation’s economy has broken another record as 4.8 million jobs were added in June, bringing the economic comeback to 7.5 million jobs added over the past two months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ June Employment Situation report. America the home of doom and gloom report only a negative narrative. Put that shit out there and that’s wha you’ll get back. Try being positive for a change people, life will get better we survived a pandemic before. We know there’s a virus, we know people will die it unfortunate but keeping that narrative going only induces fear it does not change the situation.

  13. China wants to own & controll all online banking & goods shipped ….Google, Amazon Bezoo ultra ultra rich with china. While Americans average & poor floundering ….Gates Zuvkbird Be so could easily fix these many issues…but will they… naw…to greedy, like a black open unfillable pit.

  14. to make progress or implove economy in USA,tax cut is one option but what should we do to implove real USA economy activity?and what should woe do economical booming exsistance up in USA?
    point of view to get key to making progress.
    7 sorcees and blight idear,inovation and entrepertnership,Drucker s wisdom usage in this chance
    1 staying home working in concerned with white color using PC/VPN under free WiFi so you improve software under free wifi cercounstance VPN,therefore working people works at cafe or train station,and so on,the reason why working staying at home,there are happen to quaral with your wife so you guys go out and stay cafe and working but to have a lanch at home.
    next blue workers
    you are working open space as soon asw possible even though rainy day,clear air and open air circumstance is important.if possible inne3r4 working space you put5 on air cleaner and air humidity divice and air conditioner.clear air is import5ant under wor4king fractory building and enogh rest.
    3rd school.
    VR instraction aqt home and join swchool activity balance isw important.
    after you do homework under VRinstraction,y6ou discuss logicaly or discuss litrature at claqssroom and after school you play classmate.
    young mother or young father withy kids play withy kindergarden at reast 1hour ever4y day,you guys goesw to kindergarden every deay and you care y6our chyild with teater.
    this avobe is 1st step
    last you need 目玉,特だし、it means based on original idea,new economical embolbing tool or divice or foucusing new idea w2hich you need in USA or on earth economy.
    undrground city constraction using artifical sun using nuclear fusion and artifical 光合成。
    kosuke Otani,adviser to sir president trump,anymore working security traffic guird in Tokyo.

  15. I can’t wait to vote for Trump again in 2020. Family of Latinos here who LOVE this amazing President. God bless! #LatinosForTrump #Trump2020

  16. Then why are people are still on unemployment 🤣 the numbers are trying to bring it back to were we were doesnt mean you’re making a difference. your delusional 👌🏼💭


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