President Trump Meets with the Governor of Colorado and the Governor of North Dakota


The White House


  1. The most busiest President ever. Always working , I can’t even keep up with the uploads. Prayers and love ❤

  2. Thank you Mr.President Trump for all you are doing to Protect our Country and American Citizens! TRUMP November 3rd 2020!

  3. Tramp president woord.plis freedoom italy no dictatura no china. W tramp liberty democrazi.yuo coll whait house x help.italy bad liderscip.thanchio tramp foorever

    Executive order that!

  5. this is illegal detainment of citizens with threat of fines and jail, has cost lives, jobs 26 million jobs, meant to bypass our rights of privacy, in HR6666 to monitor us, track, trace, come to your home and remove people? This is a contrived pandemic a manipulation of facts to create fear and dependency to get people to accept the socialist actions. say no, so you dont consent, get out and protest demand arrest and to try these bad actors for crimes against the US citizens, and the US constitution, 1803 marbury vs madison, any law repugnant to the the cosntitution is null and void.

  6. What a good thing, our President meeting with Governors of all States, to see if they are working hard n what are going to do to open their States. Thats wise and smart management of a country to get our economy going. God bless you, President.

  7. The Tanzanian President Magufuli grew suspicious of the World Health Organization (WHO) due to the rise in false coronavirus cases. Decided to send WHO samples of a goat, papaya & a quail for testing that tested positive. The President kicked the (WHO) out of their country.

  8. I hope the Trump administration is smart enough to know that Colorado is controlled by satanic elites. That if Colorado is going to be a part of the space force we need to be careful who is let in. I can see the discomfort in Polis’ face. I know in my heart Trump is a smart man. Smarter than anyone can possibly realize. We are at war with evil!!!!!!!
    Mr. Trump,
    I am, for what it’s worth on your team.
    A regular girl born in 1971, I knew something was wrong with this situation by time I was 7.
    I find it hard to believe I am the only one who can see a spade.
    Have you seen the footage of Polis recommending masks? It is an embarrassment. I tell you that I could run this state better with zero experience and I reckon I could do a better job using common sense, instinct, heart and conviction! I say conviction as I pound my chest! One time!! For my country!!! We americans have to overcome the stigma of history …good bad or indifferent!! We must spread our wings of glory and power!!! WE ARE SUPERIOR in HONOR!!!
    I have always “understood” Mr. Trump….oddly enough…i got it when he was disgusted and made a remark people didn’t like.
    I look forward to the truth coming out.
    I risk speaking out. I risk saying satanic elites.
    I risk because I am real!
    I care because I am real.
    I have seen their demonic Baal statues. And Polis was there.
    I have put 2 and 2 together.
    Not rocket science….just an aware mind.
    My words might get twisted…..
    Not uncommon.
    If something happens to me. At least I gave a dam.
    It is disturbing that people are falling for this. The real enemy has infiltrated us. Infiltrated the government. I must believe there are some good ones still out there. I believe Trump is a good one. I believe those who guide him are ultimately good.
    For God and Country
    your humble constituant

  9. All of us complaining about elected officials should start being more aware …… And it is not about paper. It is about an inner compass. An innate compass. A baseline. I always questioned the two party system. Not fully comprehending the scope of checks and balances. Only thing I can say is I was a Republican before I knew the definition of the word. No offense to Democrats…but we don’t roll over!! And adjust our position
    We take charge!
    We are Knowers!!!!
    We can see beyond the 2020 and spectrum.
    We got our Trump Feelers out!!

  10. I’m an independent that specifically switched to R. because Oregon requires it to support an R. candidate. I was never democrat. I was always independent or libertarian. Oregon switched my registration to DEMOCRAT!!! I very very specifically filled out my registration online and would never be caught dead voting democrat. I reported it to law enforcement and the state rep. State rep got back to me and had no good explanation. He made a long speech about how it was probably me making a clerical error. FUCK THAT. Imagine being shut out for decades because you are independent. Then you finally pick a side, and those fucking slime just switch your registration for you. INVESTIGATE OREGON VOTER FRAUD! GOP HQ said i was one of many hundreds reporting on this to them. I am taking this ballot and pinning it to the wall with notes. This evidence will be preserved to remind me of democrat scum. Sorry Mr. President. I voted for you in the last election but those scum bags stole my vote.

  11. The best ask for Trumph ? “WE have the Power of Love and life ! Did you think that you are on power when the Power falling down ? ” Outhers don’t exist , just exist because we are One of US all . The treue needs to come out iots 😅🌟

  12. Polos is not on the people’s side. Violating rights in my opinion. Mr. President I know you picked up on his mask on/ mask off hypocrisy. We need to take Colorado back. It is a beautiful state and being destroyed. On a community page I received a response on my comment stating you had signed the Executive Order for meat plants to stay open. The comment said “Orange man bad” it clicked that someone I liasioned with in California called you that after the election. She clarified that is what they called you in CA. So yes CA is here in CO and we will not allow them to further destroy our state. Thank you Mr. President.

  13. What’s great is the governor of North Dakota said “we have less trouble opening up because we never close down!” And “we did it the right way throughout the whole process.”

  14. “Colorado Admits to Over-Counting Coronavirus Deaths – Lowers Number by 272 Deaths!” 16 May 2020
    Last week Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force response administrator, challenged the CDC Director in a heated conversation. Dr. Birx told Dr. Redfield, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust!”

    Birx was right. The CDC numbers could not be trusted.
    The CDC intentionally made it that way.

    Colorado admitted this week to over-counting coronavirus deaths in the state and lowered their state totals by 272 deaths.

    CDPHE now reports that as of 9 May 2020 878 people had died “due to” COVID-19 and 1,150 people have died “among” COVID-19 cases.

    Colorado’s numbers were overstated by 31% (272 difference divided by 878).

    The change came after Colorado’s Department of Public Health admitted that its COVID-19 death toll was counting those who tested positive for the coronavirus but had died of other causes, Fox 31 Denver reported late Friday 15 May 2020.

  15. Colorado governor looks like an idiot with that mask.and that leftist commy unamerican woman he brought. Vote em out Colorado.


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