President Trump Meets with the Governor of Louisiana


The White House


  1. I can’t wait to hear of these two frauds, F, and B. Get exposed, the corruption in media is off the charts ! 💕🦉 I am a Visitor. L. A.

  2. “I’m Mahatma Gandhi, and we need to defeat Nancy Epstein.” – Joe Biden

  3. The United States had regained its first place in the World Economy in the first 2 years of the Trump Administration, that the Democrats and Communist China did not like, and they falsely accused the President from before he won 2016, until March of this year , in which he was declared totally innocent, and Communist China had sent the biological attack to regain the first place they had bought in the Obama – Biden administration, in China there have not been so many cases because they were vaccinated, the Mossad had warned something of this in October of the year 2019, now the Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Newsom and other Democrats go out to help Communist China the enemy of the World today, it is a demonstration of the traitors and anti-Americans who are this dome of the Democratic Party, Communist China has Hollywood movie producers have companies in the US that work for the Chinese Communist government and spy on other companies in the US. TRUMP 2020

  4. Your a pathetic liar, depopulation ? If there was, no Deadly Virus, I would still stay 12 miles, awake from you. ! Why, do these, A &=*#@ have a right to take America down ? 💕🦉. I am a Visitor. L. A. 🇺🇸 .

  5. Is it just me in a good mood or was the media kinda respectful? I mean, I don’t think it won’t be spun or heard thru hate filters, but he didn’t have to attack back at anyone! The President was able to be political in his answers! He still cracks me up tho! You have to know where the shot is being placed is all. They still think he is bluffing about China tho! You can see it from the reporter🤣😆🤣😆


  7. 2 hours of nonsense! No testing, now we have a million victims because we’re testing. Can’t resume until testing volumes increase and we have the cure. 2 years!!!

  8. FAUCI and BIRX are complicit in COVID 19 beak out via NIH funding to manufacture the virus. Why are they still there? Fauci has no ethics!

  9. Thank you President Trump and his best Team, all of the work for the peoples, their lives you are the best.
    Often I’m clapping my hands when I was watching white House briefings.
    Thank you.
    God Bless America.
    Goodness overcomes evil, it gives you(me) joy everywhere.

  10. I will not watch another briefing of the president this will be the last when I watch because he is allowing dr. Falchi to still tell us information knowing the man murdered people I am done you all she be yelling right now at the White House for allowing that monster continue to tell the public information that has been false from GetGo I’m disappointed and I’m finished so I won’t need to follow the White House channel at this time

  11. YOU POOR YANKS , my god trump he’s a nut job , and you guys a buying this shit , no wonder the world thinks your all barmy

  12. Thank you Mr President for staying so close to the people unlike the first sinister justin trudeau who loves his brothers so much that he donates 18 million to them trudeau-pour-stealth–18-million-canadian-dollars-to-the-Palestinian-Authority /? utm_source = feedburner & utm_medium = email & utm_campaign = Feed% 3A + drzz% 2FPxvu +% 28Dreuz% 29
    and this same government says it has no plan to bail out its coffers ???

  13. We do not need a vaccine! Bill Gates is not a doctor, scientist, elected official or high school graduate. They talk about evidence, how about following it now Dr Birx and stop skewing it with your admittedly liberal classifications of death certificates. Stop censoring doctors who are qualified to deal with this virus on the ground but not qualified in your opinions to talk about it! We also know about your work with “deplorables” during your AIDS research Dr Fauci….we know who the real deplorable is.

  14. How can anyone listen to the voice of that guy who sitting next to the “Scarf Lady” ?????
    Does he have throat cancer? Something seriously wrong with that POS !!

  15. 我这里乡下每天都看见禽兽死亡!哪些rc Christians 吃了tun m 他们制造毒药中毒死亡就把它们当禽兽死亡来处理就可以了!无药可救

  16. Fauci is a pos like his boss bill gates. I think they should take there own drugs, and vaccines. quit lying to us we aren’t stupid. Can’t wait till he is brought to justice. He knows whats in the drugs. THESE PEOPLE ARE DEMENTED AND SICK.

  17. WTH!!! Why does it matter about testing if HCQ and azithromycin will cure this COVID 19 Virus. And for someone to have the virus and be asymptotic is Bullshit. It’s time for this game to end. NO ONE wants to wear a mask all the time. No test! No Masks and No Vaccine! It’s just ridiculous that our 3 letter medical agencies are corrupt. CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA . Can’t treat what you can’t find … lmao!

  18. these deep state actors have some real elephant balls to be sitting next to our president, well, acting! especially with all his success at exposing them.

  19. The Virus is just Instrument to get all the american and other countries people together to fight China.

    Wars don’t fall from the sky. They are planned and prepared. In order to start wars, a government not only needs a well-trained and well-equipped army, it also needs allies in the world and, above all, the approval or at least tolerance of war by its own population. After all, it is the citizens who pay for the war: not only with their taxes, but often also with the life and health of their children, and if unsuccessful, also with the destruction of their homeland and their economic existence.

    That is why all governments in the secret services and military staff maintain special departments for psychological operations that are not only directed against the (supposed) opponent, but also have the task of influencing, directing and, if necessary, deceiving their own public. War propaganda is often not easily recognized as such. The aim is to create a feeling of threat and images of the enemy, to stir up nationalist moods, to silence critics and to justify armament and preparations for war.

    Lies, propaganda stories or staged attacks by the opposite side have always been part of the repertoire. The Second World War began with a fictitious attack by SS men disguised as Polish soldiers on the Gleiwitz transmitter. The USA’s entry into the Vietnam War was initiated by an alleged bombardment of American ships by North Vietnamese units (“Tonkin Incident”). After the Iraqi army marched into Kuwait on August 2, 1990, PR agency Hill & Knowlton, on behalf of Kuwaiti government circles, staged the appearance of a young woman before a US committee who claimed to have observed as a nurse that Iraqi soldiers had been observed in a maternity ward invaded Kuwait City, tearing babies out of incubators and laying them on the floor to die. The United States Senate and Congress then approved the United States’ military intervention in the war.

  20. Fauci has Corona virus i can hear it in his voice, trust me I’ve been watching the news I know what im talking about! He doesn’t have long!!!!!! THIS COMMENT IS COPYRIGHT….

  21. DEV.
    Please go into the comments and read the comments from a gal named Avon Etc. She comments on every comment with lots of comments, and just goes on and on and on about God, criticizing everybody who likes Trump and it’s just annoying as hell. It’s not that I have a problem with religion it’s just that she’s harassing everybody who makes a comment USING God as her weapon. She’s plugging up the comment section with her bs. She’s a TROLLLLLLLL! Thank you.

  22. that little image of the white house which is flashing across the screen means that Isis is insulted and will have no problem blowing you off the map. take it for what it’s worth


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