President Trump Meets with the Governor of Texas


The White House


  1. Lock them up!!! Lock up the democrats!! Every day they show their true colors & it just shows how sick & manipulative they are. How they attack good people & put good people in prison, then lie about the whole thing. Lock them up!!!! Just lock them up!!!! They don’t belong in a civilized country, they belong in China, which may own them already anyway. So many bribes, so much blackmail, so many lies & so much corruption, it’s endless & the democrats are a complete disgrace to this country. Lock them up & drain this filthy swamp!! After this democrat virus is gone, then we can replace them with good republican people.

  2. COWARDLY EUROPE has now BEGGED CHINA in a diplomatic letter to develop “CLOSER RELATIONS and PARTNERSHIP as an ALLY willing to receive AND OBEY direction from CHINA” – EUROPE LACKS A MORAL and ETHICAL COMPASS – KNOW YOUR ENEMY

  3. Mr,President you are Great!!! your doing the best Job I have ever seen A President do for this county the Greatest USA !!!and thank you,,,and also God Bless You too,,

  4. I introduce To my lower Satomi miyamoto about CDCID ―19 first page using my mobile screen shot fanction the reason why Japanese needs well known how to fight against coronavierus popular level .
    he had worked as court appointed defense counsel about 20 years and now induvisual personal office and my lower .he has jastice hear,I guess.I hve subscripeted CDCID―19 and From NASA.
    Using twitter,president Macron,Minister Modi,UK congress and so on.
    I have setted up an antennas for collective info to making suggestion to sir Preaident Trump anymore I read many kind of books in concerned with international Relations and economy.
    kosuke Otani

  5. 川普總統要組新的聯合國 現在的聯合國是中國共產黨所控制的 只要他說不要 所有的法案都不能通過 所以一定要重組新的聯合國跟新的衛生組織 才能造福全世界 不然像這一次的疫情美國死那麼多人 誰能負起這個責任 只有川普才有辦法組織 新的世界

  6. Thia weekend ,I re request ICJ again,I wnt to say to ICJ,UN ambressy as follows,一体何考えているんだ
    sir president Trumpを見習え
    kosuke Otani

  7. sir President Trump, you have a excellent beautiful wife and excellent surbordinates, It is just this aort of thing that makes you glad you are greteful for having born a man,
    kosuke Otani
    for the people, to the people,by the peope and exactry you made stragle for USA nations people and now,too.

  8. A room full of stupid mf’s all sitting there without masks. Whew! They all need to get the Rona and go down like nobody’s business. No great loss believe me.

  9. “..always said testing is over-rated” why get tested everyday then Dear Leader..leave a few for people with actual symptoms

  10. Can I get my stimulus check?
    Yes I married a foreigner and filed as married with a itin number
    She never even been to USA. Yet I am penalized.. Not fair. Hope you lose the class action suit on that

  11. These evildoers lying to save a red state at the cost of your lives. STOP them spreading prahganda to stay in power. The highest death rate in the WORLD, under trump and the Republican administration greedy failures to save trump reelection chances. Lies, and pathetic!!!!!

  12. Just think. The mayor and city managers salaries in Laredo Texas. is just under 1,000,000 dollars a year. And the average income is less than 16,000 a year and most of the population is on welfare and food stamps. And the city council voted and said fxxx the govenor and state of Texas laws. Amazing….. More people have been killed in Laredo Texas. The largest land port in North America by people with badges than anything. Between trigger happy cops and murdering border patrol agents. Serving and protecting the shixx of of them. If you get pulled over in Laredo you don’t know if you are going to be robbed murdered or jailed. Because the police are not held accountable.

  13. They need to stop taking stimulus checks for back child support and traffic tickets that is garbage these people need to eat and have housing also

  14. 😅😂🤣🤣☺️☺️😜😜😂😂calling the fake news out and I love it 💕💕thank you to Governor Abbott for not bringing sanctuary garbage here but schools are crap 💩

  15. Governor greg abbott is a dirty vile rotten pig. You are a lying disgusting tyrant dog. you are violating your oath of office you were NOT granted special powers to enact measures such violent aggressive measures telling men and women where to go or not to go, what we should wear or not wear, who, where, what, when, why or how close or far we should associate with each other. greg abbott you are a treasonous lying dog. you will be arrested and hung for your treasonous vile acts of terrorism, crimes against humanity, and acts of war against men, women and children.

  16. Trump has a lotta good names for the media moguls. These media moguls create fake news every single day, and they say they bring the truth to the people ! Look, if the people want the truth, they’ll find it themselves !

  17. Why does the governor get wheels on his chair and the president has his propped up with sticks, like a sucker :^ l… I don’t understand the government >:^ l

  18. 인간이 능력이 크면은 그자을 우리는 전지전능한자라고 부른다ㆍ즉 god 와 통일체적인 인간이된다는 뜻이다ㆍ태초에 하늘은 인간에게 능렵ㆍ지혜을 부여하였너니라 ㆍ그능럭이 큰자는 큰그릇이오
    ㆍ그능력이 작은자는 바로 소인배이다
    대인ㅡ소인의 차이는 바로 능력의 차이점이다ㆍ너희들은 말로만 도통군자을 들었지 어너 누구가 도통군자을 보았는가 ? 강증산 상제님의 말씀이다 ㆍ 도통균자는 바로 god and 붓다가 된다 ㆍ

  19. Tell Congress $2000 Stimulus for destroying our JOBS!!! My f-n career has been vaporized! Have fun out there 😛

  20. Two of my most favorite ppl. Gov Abbott is the best. Democrats and rinos could learn a lot from Abbott. Texas is open and Texas will thrive!

  21. Thank you, Mr. President, for your amazing leadership during this horrible pandemic. Keep up the good work! 🇺🇲


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