President Trump Participates in a Roundtable on Supporting America’s Commercial Fishermen


President Trump Participates in a Roundtable on Supporting America’s Commercial Fishermen and Signs a Proclamation

Bangor, ME



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  3. “Floyd” is another GLADIO OPS HOAX
    How many times does one need to see the GLADIO hoaxes before one catches on?
    Everyone has seen enough.
    Anyone playing”dumb” is complicit.

  4. Mr President, would you please give way occasionally to your fellow speakers so that they can at least finish their thoughts for once?

  5. This kind of action of our president should be on every nightly news. CNN can only distribute hate and fear. Such a waste of news energy that focuses on hate instead of informing about good!

  6. Trump’s administration is torturing Americans with bio electromagnetic tech and weapons… he’s a terrorist.

  7. I heard Trump hid in the White House basement, not just to hide from protestors but also to check out a porno he made of himself called “The Musty Mushroom”.

  8. I’m british and voted to get the hell out of the E U , and in light of the utterly silent, pathetic way they handled, or actually DIDN’T handle the c 19 pandemic i now know i did the right thing, they were totally impotent , totally, as they were in the yugoslav war in the nineties .

    and they were even more useless in the crash of 2008 onward’s aided by the BBC who kept on about it and worried the crap out of everyone for years.

    Mr. president many many in britian support you, blast that bloody e u financially , they are con men and con women on the gravy train, but they’re NOT having my money , nor yours i hope. best wishes.

  9. President Trump makes Patriots proud to be an American. It’s so awesome witnessing how he is reversing the treacherous laws previous presidents used to weaken our country to fill their pockets and strengthen the Tyrannical Globalists. How can Fake News ignore meetings like this and focus paying Chris Cuomo a 4 million salary to read teleprompters at CNN which say “Show me where the law says protests must be peaceful” (Knowingly insulting the the 1st amendment and encouraging criminal violence) while Terrence Floyd is asking people to stop destroying their towns and only protest peacefully to honor his brother George. The Marxist Globalist care nothing about George Floyd or bringing justice to his murders, They truly hate all Americans and only want to conquer us through division, Because they know if Humanity Unites with Love for each other the Marxist Globalist will go extinct.

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  11. Alla Melik I scared,when l eat fish from China.. Thank our President for your great job fo our seafood industry. TRUMP 2020

  12. President Trump will win a second term easily, coz of his sheer energy. He deserves to be President for the next 10 years. That’s the amount of time required to fully straighten up and shape up America.

  13. Yep. Thank You Infinitely for Shining the Light on this! 🐟🥛🥦 So much love to Maine 💝🎁🇺🇸🌈

  14. I can’t get a job here all the jobs are taken by south of the border folks. Man i would love to be a fisherman..

  15. I am sorry Pdt. Trump for so much damage democrats and globalists and chavists are causing to you and America. So sad that a group of their followers have to get paid to harm you and America to get the power that belongs to you. I wish you strength because you are the right one for America and the world…. you wil win !!!! ( Biden, the american Maduro will not win)

  16. Thank you President Trump. You take care of problems big and small when it comes to the American People. You are the BEST!!!

  17. President Trump is trying to help people be self reliable not waiting on a handout this president wants to make America independent not waiting on a free lunch.

  18. He should stop lying to the American people and resign before he is kicked out of the people’s White House

  19. Canada has made too many deals with China.China gets around tariffs and rules busy shipping everything (to the USA) via way of Canada. Look into this and STOP IT!!!

  20. John McCain…General Mattis…Admiral McRaven…General Hayden…General McChrystal…Admiral Stavridis…General John Kelly…General Votel…General H. R. McMaster…General Martin Dempsey…General Petraeus…General Keane…Admiral Zukunft…General Dunford…General Vincent K. Brooks…Admiral William H. McRaven and General Colin Powell.
    They all think Trump is UNFIT to LEAD OUR NATION.

  21. Well I was respectful I didn’t cuss I didn’t push I started facts I shared my opinion of exentsive experience and I’m no child that needs to be told how too think or feel about this blathering and desecration of my country and countrymen and women I can see and clearly u say what I mean and mean to say for thee idea of American creed once soldier always a soldier and u guys keep this crap up well I’m here to tell u ure barking up the wrong tree hey for the good cops disregard but those I’ve wared with I’m tired of ure crying and over stepping that so called blue line and fir thise that recognize me yea I whooped u and some didn’t I couldn’t get me me dwn or choke me out even for shooting me or breaking my legs and arms I still fought even though bu the rights of I’m an American soldier I’m An American citizen u ass holes tea I git u u didn’t get me but what u did is ruin my life and yea u deserve everything u damn well get constitution damnit I have rights too immunities so u dont haft to be responsible for ure actions BS I asked u for help all u gave is grief then said I’m just doing my job well there 2 ways too that huh tell me how to act tell me how to talk I believe with me every time u found u were mistaken u want names dates places I’ll blow u whine asses out of the water with my story u ruined my life thin blue line my ass u are supposed to protect and serve not inner eject and subjugate then tell lies cheating bastards I can go on and on tea u wared u thin blue line for the good cops ok but for those that take advantage and then hide behind that damn badge I got something for u Posey cowards george floyds of the world hey look at me not white not black hey here’s one I fought the kkk in the state police barracks I a certain town I’ve had cop riots in my front yard cause asses wanted my blond haired blue eyes beautiful eife and couldn’t keep out of my house or keep ure pants on remember me George floyd got nothing on my stories of life over Rouge cops I say get rid of immunities cops get it right quit over stepping ure bounds damnit oh I got lots more tell me how to act or talk I got experience vision quest u damn liars with a badge

  22. what aTwit ! cant wait to flush this orange turd all the way to gitmo with the punk brothers


  24. All Democrats work for the EU and China and big tech and George soros… just listed the traitors of our country.. get em trump

  25. Left / Dems Diversity & Inclusion Policies
    USC School of Cinematic Arts
    SCA Announcements
    Diversity Statement
    Council for Diversity & Inclusion
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 USC Image
    June 9, 2020
    Dear SCA Community,
    Following the
    Council for Diversity & Inclusion
    forum last week,
    members of our community
    created the following statement.

    This was not written by me
    [Elizebeth Daily – Dean]
    or any of the Deans
    although we fully endorse it.

    It was collaboratively authored by
    Black students, faculty, staff and allies.

    We will use this as a starting point
    and guide
    in creating
    and instituting reforms
    at the School of Cinematic Arts
    that will make our classrooms and campus
    better spaces of scholarship and creativity.

    You may still contribute to this effort
    by emailing your
    suggestions, comments and ideas to
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸


    The USC School of Cinematic Arts
    should be the industry leader
    in guiding best practices
    for our industries,

    not adhering to the toxic cultures
    that have become systemic
    in so many media industries.

    The School of Cinematic Arts
    has no place for a Student Filmmaker
    of Hollywood White Privilege
    such as John Longenecker
    who is of White European heritage
    who’s family members
    arrived in the United States
    from Europe
    in the 1630s
    such as Christopher Hussey
    who purchased Nantucket Island

    won an Academy Award for
    for a student production
    he produced at USC Cinema
    and he kept the Oscar himself as
    the Individual Producer of the Picture
    with HIS OWN NAME
    as sole Producer – Story co-writer
    on the title credits of the Picture
    and subsequently he failed
    to turn over the
    Academy Award Oscar Statuette
    to the collective USC Cinema School
    thus he clearly exhibited conduct
    consistent with
    Individual White Hollywood Privilege
    now well known as racist
    during that 1970 time period.
    Instead he asked Gregory Peck
    of the Academy
    to allow USC Cinema to have
    another Oscar Statuette
    for display at the University.

    In 1970 he included a title card
    on the work with
    a Copyright Notice:
    “Copyright ©️1970
    University of Southern California”
    as instructed by USC Cinema.

    During the 28th year of publication
    he registered the film for renewal
    at the US Copyright Office
    as provided by US Copyright Law
    at that time
    as sole Copyright Claimant
    with Form RE for Renewal of a work
    Registration Number: RE 769-978
    Registration Date: January 6, 1998
    “Copyright ©️1998
    Renewed by John Longenecker”

    Individual recognition at USC Cinema
    is forbidden at USC Cinema and
    shall hereby never again be afforded
    to an individual Student of White with
    their own privileged Hollywood Connections.

    Rather, any and all
    related praise and awards
    for a student produced film
    shall be commonly shared equally
    by all the USC Cinema students
    throughout history
    who have ever participated
    as a member of the
    USC Cinema School family
    throughout each decade
    since the start of the USC Cinema School
    until now and forever hereafter.

    Actual plaques, trophies, honors,
    awards, certificates of achievement
    for all student produced films
    shall forever be the exclusive property
    of the USC Cinema School
    & USC University itself, through
    the Administration and the entire faculty.
    No USC Cinema Student
    shall ever be authorized to enter
    a student produced film they made
    at USC Cinema in any film festival
    throughout the world.

    All United States
    Copyright Office Registrations
    for any student produced
    copyrightable work
    shall only name
    USC Cinema School as
    Author and sole Copyright Claimant
    thus, USC Cinema shall be
    the sole Copyright Owner of the work
    of any student produced film.
    A USC Cinema Student
    is forbidden to ever display
    their student produced work publicly
    anywhere including on YouTube.

    The School of Cinematic Arts
    must commit
    to foster a creative environment
    that is welcoming
    to Black students,
    faculty, and staff, and members
    of other oppressed and
    underrepresented groups.

    We understand that all forms of media
    have played foundational roles
    in creating and perpetuating
    racist images of Black people.

    We must produce and champion
    work that rejects racist stereotypes.

    We must push and promote
    an anti-racist environment
    where Black students
    are supported and
    feel comfortable expressing ideas and
    stories they are passionate about.

    This is a challenge
    to media and entertainment industry practices,

    as well as a non-negotiable need
    for change at
    USC and the School of Cinematic Arts.

    about the goals of Black Lives Matter

    and other movements to address

    are not meant to be comfortable
    for non-Black students, faculty and staff.

    We risk perpetuating
    the issues we are trying to address
    if we center this discomfort
    in our discussions.

    The day-to-day lives
    of Black members of our community
    of psychologically harmful experiences
    and potentially fatal encounters
    and we must prioritize
    their survival and wellbeing.

    We call for
    specific, feasible actions
    to be implemented
    starting Fall 2020 semester.

    We believe the following practices
    can lead to
    a more equitable environment.

    Additional feedback and suggestions
    are highly encouraged.

    We must:

    that our Black students, faculty and staff
    are hurting as a community.

    Provide our Black students
    mental health resources
    that specifically address
    the trauma of racial injustice
    they have witnessed and faced.

    Invite and create
    opportunities for Black students
    to have a powerful voice moving forward.

    Foster environments
    where there is
    more than one Black voice in the room;

    and where Black students
    do not feel responsible
    for representing anyone but themselves.

    Recruit more
    Black faculty, leaders and mentors
    within SCA;

    have a voice on hiring committees.

    Examine the SCA curriculum
    through the lens
    of critical race theory.

    End the profiling of Black students
    by DPS when they enter campus.

    Define accountability
    for microaggressions and
    racist comments in the classroom
    and follow through accordingly.

    Promote organizations
    that provide spaces
    for Black voices,
    communities of color and
    other marginalized and
    underrepresented communities
    within SCA.

    Include more examples
    of work from Black filmmakers
    in the curriculum.

    Review films and media examples
    shown in class.

    Provide opportunities
    for students
    in production-based programs
    to take classes
    focused on race, diversity and culture.

    The SCA Council for Diversity & Inclusion
    will continue
    to hold monthly meetings,
    during the academic calendar,
    that all members of the SCA community
    are invited to attend,
    either in person or remotely.

    In the immediate future
    we will work
    with the Council
    on the action items listed above.

    The Council for Diversity
    and Inclusion

    is only as diverse and strong
    as the members that participate.

    We do not expect meetings
    to always promote agreement;

    rather, we encourage dialogue,
    discussion and debate
    in order to further
    our commitment to change

    The School of Cinematic Arts
    can and will do better.


    Elizabeth Evan Hughes
    Dean Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

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  26. We are so much demotivated over here in Germany…We got those NAZI Merkel and she keeps going on with her Strategie to kill us softly. And so many still believes her…What can I do…I guess I move over to USA 🙁 Give me strength to carrying on please Yesus Christ….It is hard to go on with that kind of Politic and to be treatend like a slave

  27. I predict right before the November election a video tape will surface with Trump, Epstein, and Ivanka (underage). Then #BUNKERBOY will finish his career just like the warden at the end of the Shawshank Redemption.

  28. From South Africa – it’s confusing that the most powerful office in the world doesn’t have video and audio engineers who use UHD cameras and who train participants not to smack their hand on the table

  29. It will be a disgrace if joe Biden wins the election in November. Trump for Four more years. He Puts His People and his companies First. He Keeps America First. He always puts in the Right steps.

  30. ❤️🇺🇸👍🏻President is a beast! Such a great President, such a great man! Finger on the pulse of the world.❤️🇺🇸❤️🦐🦞🦀🐟

  31. He says the plague came here from China. It also came here from Europe, which the clown seems not to realize.

  32. Hey Trump. How about instead of fishermen you send the military into CHAZ to arrest the ANTIFA and trial them under treason laws.

  33. I’m not from Maine; I’m from Colorado. But I love what you have done, Mr. President, because one of my husband’s favorite places to visit as a child was Maine, and because we’re both love that delectable Maine lobsta. Thank you, Mr. President for reopening those waters for the fisherman, so they can go back to their livelihood that they so love. And thank you for publishing these discussions for the public because they are very fascinating and interesting to listen to, and I learn a lot about our country from all of these round table discussions. I passed the information along to my husband, family, and friends. Keep up the good work, Sir!

  34. I think he closed it down mayne to set equipmemt to set off titanic plates on ocean floors. Their plan was to set up to cause typhoons amd cause tusumi s amd cause earth quakes. It was set and they need to be destroyed and the under ground tunnels crap or transport of people and maybe things. But whatever reason we all know not good

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