President Trump Will Always Fight for the Forgotten Men & Women of America



  1. Media: CNN, MSNBC, BBC play the role of communist leaders liberating America from the police, Capitalism and President Trump. Lies, propaganda of terrorism against the Americans. Standard idiotic “Provocation of sensation.”
    The Communist Democratic regime feeds us with a “peaceful demonstration” that robs shops and kills people with the hands of Antif and other terrorist organizations. Bouquet …. “peaceful demonstration” … “peaceful religion”. … Now came “Peace Communism” democrats without police.
    Lenin promised to abduct the police.
    In written history, only Jewish settlements in EuroAsia lived without police under the direction of Rabbi. Although there every 200 years minor thefts were committed.
    Probably behind the police? Must drive a van with ice cream, an orchestra, girls and a massage room to serve thieves, bandits, repeat offenders like George Floyd.

  2. Do not delete me. I think that this is a Freedom of Speech.

    Today’s Police Unions cannot claim themselves as Labor Unions.
    Labor Unions exist to protect Human Rights and Natural Rights.

    Labor Unions exist to protect Human Rights and Natural Rights.
    Human Rights and Natural Rights are higher existences than Labor Unions.
    Human Rights and Natural Rights are the highest.
    Thus, if an organization violates Human Rights and Natural Rights, then the organization is not a Labor Union.
    It is wrong that an organization which violates Human Rights and Natural Rights claim to be a Labor Union.
    An organization can not claim itself as a Labor Union, when the organization violates Human Rights and Natural Rights.

    Black Lives Matter!” Black Voters Matter!
    We are more left-wing than American Media, White House, American Politicians, American Universities, American top1%, American celebrities, Hollywood and Wall Street.

    Civil rights
    The AFL–CIO has a long relationship with civil rights struggles.
    One of the major points of contention between the AFL and the CIO, particularly in the era immediately after the CIO split off, was the CIO’s willingness to include black workers (excluded by the AFL in its focus on craft unionism.)
    Later, blacks would also criticize the CIO for abandoning their interests, particularly after the merger with the AFL.

    In 1961, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a speech titled “If the Negro Wins, Labor Wins” to the organization’s convention in Bal Harbour, Florida.
    King hoped for a coalition between civil rights and labor that would improve the situation for the entire working class by ending white supremacy.
    However, King also criticized the AFL–CIO for its tolerance of unions that excluded black workers.
    “I would be lacking in honesty,” he told the delegates of the 1965 Illinois AFL–CIO Convention during his keynote address, “if I did not point out that the labor movement of thirty years ago did more in that period for civil rights than labor is doing today…Our combined strength is potentially enormous, but we have not used a fraction of it for our own good or the needs of society as a whole.”
    King and the AFL–CIO diverged further in 1967, when King announced his opposition to the Vietnam War, which the AFL–CIO strongly supported.
    The AFL–CIO endorsed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    In the 21st Century, the AFL-CIO has been criticized by campaigners against police violence for its affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA).
    On May 31 2020, the AFL-CIO offices in Washington, D.C. were set on fire during the George Floyd protests taking place in the city.
    In response, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka condemned both the murder of George Floyd and the destruction of the offices, but did not address demands to end the organization’s affiliation with the IUPA.

  3. 天下会,
    台湾 火属性火之地
    美国 金属性金之地

    台湾 对 中土

    台湾 对 美国
    不能一味的跪美国, 不能学国民党

  4. Small business owners WON’T vote for Trump! We been let down and left holding “EMPTY BAG”…SBA is a disaster…and nobody cares.

  5. I woke up sick at the topics at hand today that have not just a mint but a grasp of crime at hand in the way of being student ready. With the crisis going on and the protest it’s in the way of the countries students preparations. It’s sorrowful and a plain sick joke. With all the inputs advancing to impeachment or not. With all the disabled recepients, with all the students in non safe situations. All the caused issues around the country families should take and sit those issues in court. While a virus done started I despise the non-recurring payments to individuals usa citizens because of such low-income participants ect. An it’s gonna continue to get uglier. Excuse me but our leaders vs. racist perverted, murderers, false guardians meaning neglect and child in home abuse, till trafficking till mere crimes, bank robberies, tussles, inappropriate behavior. An it ewws the residents and leaving hedges on low incomed communities. So white house in apologies the scale gonna have regrets and trouble. Knowing the peoples worrisome situations I despise the fact of little income. With many crisis’s occurring so I suggest a new recurring measure to benefit the citizens families. Last month was a achievement but everything isn’t stable for the people and it’s hitting the countries students.

  6. Woodrow Wilson. President. A scholar. A Dean. Liberty belongs to the individual…..not just the corporate. For to have one for business….and none for which does the buying….or making! Is NO LIBERTY! It is exploitation. Law,..Order…Civility! Marxism or Lenin or many others…..intended for communism to overthrow the capitalists. They never considered….Unions! Or States! Or…..something brand new…though what it was really about! Civil Rights! Serfdom and the long ugly reach of the secret police….was enough to begin this….largely bloodless revolution……at first! Chaos and the old corruption got a new face lift! Iron Man! Stalin! China…was impressed..or Mao was anyway! In a secret meeting…Krushev…had denounced Stalin and many changes were needed. China and Soviet Russia…were buddy’s…kinda. Well NOW….it fell apart! It was still cold when…….1991. China was still Russia biggest arms customers. But this too wasn’t going….according to plans! China….the lying dragon. Forgot…’s own lies! It can fool stupid democrats…some others. Can’t fool Putin. Got his own…..inside line. Putin’s Pissed! Putin’s in a pickle. West….is going to squish China economy! Trade…all dealings…past..present. Under NEW review. Not just us…Australia..Canada…Britian….Russia…..and a billion Indian folk. It’s being done! Business is going elsewhere! And China’s….still lying! WHO….is an interesting development….watch closely! EU… an interesting development…watch closely! Country’s May or may not vote about who’s doing what. Business on the other hand… not so forgiving! CCP is going bankrupt! There cargo? Piling up! No body really wants it. Australia has all the beef..and food…to spare. China threatens not import. FINE! Starve….your only hurting your own population. They don’t care! They will twist it! And all there over seas college espionage. And worse. Let’s talk about…Organ harvesting….shall we…Xi. We’re do you fellas…..get all that training? Oh…I see. You train them over here…..then let them go back to China……and do it… bulk! Many Party members…..would like more organ donations…..from the people. You understand!

  7. Dude there should like..ya know. People just ya know helping people. Like I give you a chicken….and you fix my car! Ya know…like a commune! And… I would like run the place…while you guys…..ya know… all the work! Why would I need you to tell the auto mechanic…I’ll fix your car for a chicken dinner!…..from a farmer. No! nNO. KnoW NO! Dude! You don’t get it! You should go to college…..dude! Read some stuff! Corporations man! Dude! I work at Wal-Mart! 8 years of college! Yep! I’m smart! Still living in my parents basement!

  8. Government doesn’t care about the individual. They are there to prevent larger more global threats. Individuals should take care of themselves.

  9. Yeah the Democrats are trying to split us up you know that The Dems are evil not all of them there’s always a few in there that just want their vote back from 2016 their babies

  10. He doesn’t fight for anything except if it serves him. He just reads words somebody else wrote. He couldn’t tell you what he just read 2 minutes ago.. Don DoLittle has got to go, along with pompous Pompao, Billy boy Barr and loser graham and many of his family and friends in the Whitehouse in positions of power they are totally unqualified for.

  11. There are many things waiting for the president Trump to do. But no matter how many people kneel with different purposes, the President of the United States must not kneel. The United States cannot even kneel. Especially when the originally peaceful protests were hijacked by extremists with ulterior motives, and violence like “Paris Commune” was staged on the streets and communist farce like the CCP regime and the former Soviet Union.

  12. Why do you apologize to them? Do you oppress them? It seems to me the opposite, you are now oppressed by whites! And whether they will apologize to you for the game “cut the white” that is practiced in African-American areas.


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