Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. 21:56 -> President said he has received praise, who are they ?
    My ans: I’m a citizen of a diff country yet I know the answer: Its South Korea & Mexico, don’t you know that, fake media ?

  2. Very smart lady, she answered all those stupid questions & ended with sour taste in the media’s mouth !

  3. Americans of European descent and all honestly working people! You must understand and open your eyes to others. There is a third world war – the enemy is called LEFT SOCIALISTS and another ANTHROPOLOGICAL EVIL. There is a war against white civilization, against justice, against law and order. Even if you chose an amazingly successful Trump, this does not mean that he will do everything for you. You need to unite, fight for yourself and help him. If ordinary people passively observe and do not re-elect Trump and Pence, then you will come to a biological end, the left in the shoes of the Democrats will take away all property, freedom and launch even more barbarians. There is a war for your destiny! And at your airports, train stations, streets and restaurants, you should hear the true American music of the first half of the twentieth century. Russians are with you!

  4. Kayleigh is a star press secretary! Gorgeous and brilliant. Love how she shoots down lame fake news reporters! ❤️🇺🇸⭐️👍🏻

  5. reminds me of the song “Dirty Laundry” by the eagles, NONE of this sht is going to matter if people are not going to work, simply scared to contract the CCP virus, heroes or not. A bit of common sense needs to accompany any opening up, I hope there’s enough left in D.C. to see us through. If he would grow a pair and legalize pot US wide, stoners will line up to give you money AND you could tax the hell out of it, like the govt. always does. ALL politicians have lost my respect, every damn one…….

  6. The biters were bit, well and truly. They should be tested to see if they have brains (lots of negatives) and if they have TDS (lots of high positives).

  7. Good job driving home the duplicity of the FANG Big Tech media corporations. Talk softly and carry a big stick. Kaleigh “Big Stick” McEnany hit a home run.

  8. I love when the Russian trolls come out and give endless praise…………… least you guys are EARNING your paycheck…….haraszo Komrad!

  9. Check out the same comment by two different “people” below…….no Russian trolls here, only us Putin, I mean Trump supporters!

  10. I always wondered how the president’s defecate smelled, now we have someone who has been up there and can tell us, thanks you………. Our country has been destroyed Hooray! Nice job Obama!

  11. Everyone knows American press is probably the worst in the world. It’s corrupt, lobbyist, money-making oriented, etc etc…The funny thing is that Now, the GOP doesn’t deny it….Unless it’s Fux News, all the rest is Fake News….

  12. Stupid lying mf just like the rest of them. The best thing for America is to dispatch this entire administration in November and return the country back to a real country. Can’t stand any of the lying corrupt mf’s from top to bottom.

  13. What a great comeback to the fake media to end it! Great job Kayleigh and congrats on your new appmnt!

  14. Not just another pretty face.. Congrats on your position, Kayleigh. And, great job of directly and precisely presenting the truth, both during your briefing, and in answering questions afterward. You are a blessing in helping to Make America Great Again!!!

  15. If you keep up all the lies and some for another four months. As a bonus, you will receive a pair of plastic Tits . That’s a promise from Donald

  16. That one “reporter” who asked about whether she regretted making that comment about what Trump said in the early stages of the Coronavirus was a plant/actor.

    The question was setup and her response was rehearsed. They gave you the epic “gotcha” moment you so desperately craved, so you could have something to hoot and holler about and continue rooting for the party.

    Try to find out which outlet he works for, since most of the reporters at these press briefings are already well known and come from very well-established news outlets…. Guess what? You won’t 😉👌💯…

    #believenothing #fakenews

  17. This woman just murdered those pathetic lil twats. She is absolutely awesome. I hope she can stick around and put those parasites in their place during every briefing.

  18. I love this gal in this role! GREAT JOB! SUPERIOR PICK PRESIDENT TRUMP ‼️✝️🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WWGIWGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. The President should be so proud of his Black and Hispanic community. We are out there in large numbers spending our stimulus and helping our country recover as he intended. We are not at home hoarding it like some other groups.

  20. So, the press needs to “take back” what they said…but the president doesn’t need to be held accountable for what he says. If the news is “fake” and he’s holding himself to the same standard. What does that make him? Fake president?

  21. Sensitive, hard-hit places like sanctuary cities where the dems invited in thousands of sick foreigners, then screamed hate when Trump cut them off.

  22. Its a sad world. People have to lie to each other. This poor lady. Really thinks she is doing a good job. Talking so fast. She doesn’t even understand what she is saying.

  23. She still avoided answering the question regarding her previous Coronavirus statement, she’s appalling.


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