Q&A on breastfeeding during COVID-19


Broadcast live on 11 May 2020 – Q&A session on breastfeeding during COVID-19 with WHO expert Dr Pura Rayco-Solon

More information on Coronavirus COVID-19


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  2. i recommend using goggles over swimming glasses, big mask over neck heater, use many cotton thin gloves as you use socks, open the windows only at night when most the neighbors has their windows closed, do gymnastic lifting weight at night in terrace overbreathing as wim hof. also sunbath naked at noon. buy cortex of the tree quina (chinchona officinalis), buy zinc, vitamins, only go for food once in 2 weeks until xmas

  3. No virus was ever proven contagious or to cause disease ever, that’s why it’s called germ theory. Wake up people this is all psychological warfare


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