Q&A on Colorado statewide mask order with Gov. Polis, Mayor Hancock, Mayor Coffman


Gov. Jared Polis, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman hosted a Q&A after Polis announced a statewide mask requirement for Colorado.


  1. Social Distancing 6′ apart is so surveillance cameras can identify you in a crowd by your movements. Mask wearing is conditioning you to obey the Global Gov’t that is slowly tightening it’s controlling grip. This is not going away anytime soon. It will continue until Fall when we will be told we are now going to lock everything down. Thus completely destroy the economy and supply chains. This is their plan to bring down Trump. It’s about the economy stupid! Then either Trump (new masked man who supports mandatory vaccines) or Biden’s VP will have us vaccinated and chipped. Some will welcome the end of our freedom where they believe everything is free! Until they wake up and it’s to late to make a stand. Can you say 1984…

  2. Gov. Polis I am proud of you for being able to stretch and decide to go with a plan that you weren’t a fan of in the beginning. This shows that you aren’t playing politics but looking at the science and the data, the objective information we have.

  3. Excuse me but he allowed flights to arrive WITHOUT a 14 DAY QUARANTEEN. He also stood SILENT while downtown Denver was being destroyed. He has FAILED to clean up OUR capitol building and is ALLOWING people to camp around OUR capitol doing DRUGS and SHITTING all over the place. He is a POS

  4. Wow, only six months too late and after killing the economy with a needless shutdown he figured it out. Facts have not changed; this virus replicates in the human body and utilizes two paths out of the body to infect it’s next host, the nose and the mouth. “Hand to mouth” infection can only occur if the fomite involved was originally contaminated from someone’s mouth or nose. Covering the nose and mouth will greatly reduce fomite contamination and therefore transmissions. Face coverings will also reduce the initial viral load in cases of more direct person to person transmission. Face coverings will not prevent you 100% from becoming infected short of a P100 and that requires professional fit testing to be effective.
    The killer is four months ago I was told I did not have the legal right to require face coverings be worn by my customers but my employees had to wear them. Now I am being told I am the new policeman to enforce the new order to make my customers wear face coverings and if I have any trouble just dial 911 and the local cops will rush to my aid. REALLY??????


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