Q&A on COVID-19 clinical care



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  2. World health organization is a terrorist organization. They can’t even report properly hydrochloroquine safety which has been used for decades. Every single who member should be executed and their family liquidateD for crimes against humanity.

  3. What a shame WHO is. Can’t even take the responsibilities of the crisis and misinformation under China

  4. Eucalyptus oil contains many natural components (aka cineole and eucalyptol) the compounds which are responsible for its cleanings.Eucalyptol has very strong ‘antiviral’,antibacterial and anti fungal agents.The oil of eucalyptus has been used for treat the chest  problems,respiratory conditions including bronchitis and coughs and asthmatic attacks.Its primary use is the treatment of cough,cold and congestion of the respiratory track.
    you may know eucalyptus oil best from products like vicks, vaporub where acts to clear your air ways but this is only a external use.

    ‘Please test Eucalyptus’
    (we can save many lives).


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