Trump Administration Giving $35 Million to Aid Survivors of Human Trafficking



  1. May God above continue to guide your footsteps everyday President Trump; thank you for your sheer determination to KAGA

  2. It’s not their money to give. If we wanted a socialist president, we would have voted for Hilary. Screw this next fake election.

  3. THIS is why the Democrats are rioting and flipping their shit in 2020. Trump is outing what they’ve done to children 👶🏿

  4. Wow 35 million… 1.3trillion spent on military … killing people is more important than saving the worlds trafficked … 35 mill wont even touch the sides

  5. *Remember this in November: “They’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you, I’m just in the way” — Donald J. Trump, greatest President ever. *

  6. Thanks to everyone who face evil to save the innocent. Prayers and God bless you.

  7. Now, do it for organized stalking victims. We are unfairly being tortured in our own homes or places we don’t even want to be living after having our entire lives destroyed. A lot of us were deemed enemies under he Obama Admin for uncovering and trying to uncover these vary topics. Some of us are stalked, illegally spied on, psychologically tortured, lost our family and friends through intentional slander and smear campaigns or paying them off and cannot even get medical care as some local doctors and hospitals will often be involved too. Many of us were nothing but bright, beautiful and intelligent women. I currently have health care but it is not safe for me to be put under and they will never diagnosis me. Instead I (like others I know) are sent home while ill over and over again. Right now, I am having problems with both my kidney and part of my intestine. Something that would probably be easily fixed, but because they want us dead we are not treated and are often placed with men that are in on it and we stay paralized in fear struggling with CPSTD after the onslaught of attacks we suffered. Never charged with any crime in a court of law, but all out attempted murder on our lives. Our lives were stolen from us.

  8. They will use organization to put them into treatments that are bad like they said victims are traumatized my treatment was electric shock thorazine ,quit room (necked). hippnoses…great cure for rape victims.right Florida.

  9. Ya that the mentality of those who want to reopen mental health organizations and hospitals more money for pharma. And foundation is Hillary involved again..

  10. No woman should EVER be subjected to such a horrible reality and fact of life. Thank y’all for not losing hope and for your commitment to end human trafficking and modern day slavery.

  11. President Trump has done more good to this country than Clinton and Obama but together.Hes not afraid in doing things most President’s are scarred of. Biden can’t even speak and when he dose he dose not make any sense.


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