Under President Trump, the POW/MIA Flag Flies 24/7 at the White House



  1. Trump said on the record that his heroes were those that were never captured. Remember John McCain? This is just another cheap trick of Trump’s, whose daddy could afford to buy him “bone spurs” to dodge the draft, trying to buy some votes. Don’t fall for it. You can’t convince me that this moron gives a damn about anybody or anything but himself. He’s nothing but lies and deceit.

  2. How nice ! Congratulations patriots in America, you got a real, fine president ! Greetings from the [ Merkel-tyrannized FR – ] Germany.

  3. Yes can’t honor the Vets enough🌈🙏. All Vets are discussed with (non-patriot) protests. The ignorance disgusts Vets who know better.☮️Matters. USA Matters.

  4. Hotcool = Buddhist Arya Sinhala ( lion people) greeting = AYUBOVAN – Wish all for long life-rebirth = have you ever see holy ghost fights in the religions section in any library ???/???=we human are smart animals = there are some evidence suggesting (could be trauma due to COVID 19 ) delusional thinking base anger and hate due to not accepting DEATH IS A FACT OF LIFE (like flowers life [we] blossom and fade away) and Brocken dreams SOME TIME MEDICINE and PREVENTIVE MEASSURE CAN CURE/ HELP ?/? = ln / out group psycho pathology +etc.=criminology =faith .power. money and etc. can be miss used to abuse vulnerable even to violate basic human right (peace of mind etc.)=fear of COVID 19 is a virus= NOT BIG EVIL?/? (HUMAN ERROR) -> (can be corrected –truthful-friendly-smile and toffee)=win or lose there is no glory in war=peace=?/?= pleas be smart safe=think out side the box=GOD(S) speed= in god(s) we trust = heal USA AND THE WORLD = NO WW3 please= om truthful Buddha shanthi-shakthi om = thank you

  5. God bless the veterans who served this country, they are truly heros of this nation. May God also somehow find the will to forgive the President for his hypocrisy and crimes against this country. The Lord knows I could never forgive this coward.

  6. UNSEAL ALL THE POW RECORDS traitors mccain & KERRY had sealed to hide their treason & crimes. & I hide & cause deaths of those pows who were living.

  7. This is so historic. that flag representing all the POW/MIA being hoisted together with our USA flag. Who would have thought of that ? Only our President. why wasn’t this flag hoisted during the previous administrations ? And the Deep State wants Trump removed from office? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. TRUMP 2020. Salute to the flags and salute to our President.

  8. The active services leading in formation carrying the branches respectively of all armed forces flags raising the most sacred of value the AMERICAN FLAG .LONG LIVE AMERICA.


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