Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at A Stronger American Workforce


La Crosse, WI


  1. Yet another inspiring speech Mr. Vice President. American’s and freedom loving people everywhere continue to rally towards your banners of virtue. The words “We The People” are being forged in a new alloy of American Steel. A steel from their loyal hearts and souls; drawn out by you and President Trump, and molded into an newer and Greater U S of A.

  2. Dear all Americans who loves their country. An old man 74 years old working long hours everyday to protect and save our greatest country. Why are there people giving our greatest President more hard time? 😭😭😭. I am begging to support our President and feed h8m more energy to fight china who want to hurt and killing our democracy and our greatest country. Please please.

  3. Dear Uncle Trump.

    I and my countrymen are most pleased and highly enthusiastic about your current progress and resounding success as president.
    I would like to extend to you my formal greeting from the Commonwealth Of Australia.
    May i please announce that our current government which is in Userfruct and treason currently to us (the people) visa vi china and the Treaty of rome will no longer have the lawful capacity to engage with the United States Of America.
    At present there are 27 million free men and women being subjugated enslaved and sold into bondaged where they are oppressed and unjustly tormented by this foreign administration calling itself the “AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT INC” 
    It with a heavy heart that i speak to you now of the Warcrimes plaguing our Christian families on our soil.
    It with great jubilation that our humble Kingdom recognises you as brother and a true leader of the free world.
    Uncle Trump; furthermore it is through our eyes of our soul as a collective that we see a King of America in you which undoubtably you have acted as in such a very prompt and decisive leadership in the manner of great kings of old.
    Our country long ago established in 1900 by Queen Victoria and sealed in the hearts and minds of the commonwealth by our forefathers the ANZAC is being laid siege to by the Chinese communist party and the vatican run UN.
    Mighty Uncle Trump, it is here where lies my purpose in addressing you directly.

    We Urgently and Humbly request immediate Military Assistance in pushing back the war criminals and their tyrannical oppression; as our military has turned their backs on us and is in MASSIVE treason under a foreign papal crown and oath and is completely confounded by the miasma of communist lies, deception and ultimately the usurpation of our De Jure seat of government.

    Please Uncle Trump you are our only hope and it with great civility and honour that i ask of you and your country to stand in the blood ties and the lineage of our great and illustrious forebears and once again stand together united so we can bring in freedom and simulaniously lay waste to the scourge of civilization which is systemic communism and roman papal tyranny.

    Your Faithfully.
    Matthew of the House of Webber
    Loyal subject of the imperial crown
    Loyal unto God, King and country.
    May God Bless America
    And May Almighty God Bless you also Uncle Trump.

    Warm Regards.

  4. 💕 ThankQ President Donald J.Trump and Team Trump for your continuing hard work, honesty, integrity, bravery and Patriotism, YOU + ARE + APPRECIATED!!!! TRUMP /  KENNEDY 2Q2Q 💕

  5. 我們必須對趙姓嫌犯及田佩晨臺灣的台北市政府社會局公務員進行制裁 臺灣之光 真夠格的 臺灣大學教出來的好孩子專門駭人不淺這就是台灣大學教授教出來的天才。

  6. We have the best comback than anyother President’ and now fighting this use to be Virus better than other Countries, Thank you too the People’s!

  7. Our people’s is surviving with President Trump’s help whenever and wherever he can. Always for the American people standing together for another four years, looking forward too leaving China behind if need be. Thank you Mr Vice-President’ doing it right!

  8. Building Busness’es along the way’ or simply wholing a job to carry own. We are going forward Republicans and To the whole America, a Great day in time .Thank you.

  9. September 9, 2020
    Trump Peaceful Protest
    They never could take away our African American or “Black” American Confederate triumphs from the past and should the statues should be added along side of the Confederate struggles.

    September 9, 2020

  10. ㄒㄅㄒ.台語經常是國語不同的文字拼湊.女人說黑寡婦蜘蛛交配後.吃掉她老公.而男人說不能讓黑寡婦蜘蛛的女苗有機會長大.這是男尊女卑的主因.那麼男女適合結婚同居嗎?許多人都知道.柑橘柚子的表皮油脂.能溶解保麗龍.被稱為絲耗.{台語經常是國語不同的文字拼湊.} .而在人體有阻塞溶解時.會有瞬間的愉悅感及止痛效果.也因此柑橘柚子的皮.與阿斯匹靈的原料相似.常被作為安眠止痛藥的原料.而泡酒稱為香檳老酒.有許多外國人說常在海面撿到成熟的柚子文旦及其他水果.而將損傷處切除.熬煮加工後.藥名稱為海落嬰.後來因來源交代不清.被送毒品罪..據說柚子文旦的皮也稱為麻黃素.製成藥劑後.有去除黑斑的效果.不曉得是否真實?我覺得毒品包裝.就像老欉的文旦.薄薄的果肉.很貴.甚至懷疑毒品會不會是用老欉文旦製造的?早期公務員說.糧食價格上漲.所以要求加薪.那麼糧食價格下跌.公務員是否應該調降薪資呢?

  11. Donald The Virus Trump is Americas Extinction Level Event190;000 dead and 6.5 Million Infected and Counting=

    Trump is the new hitler of America doing what he wants when he wants and doesn’t care that he’s creating a new Holocaust of covid 19 victims and using the gop as his Nazi force to keep in power no mater the costs of this once great nation he continues to drag in the mud for political gain and power and make us fight each other to keep getting what he wants pure domination over are free democracy like Obama said he threatens are future and stability of are planet

  12. Mr trump Virus is the reason why America is falling apart people we need to get him out now before its to late and his mistakes now in Sept 2020 threaten us on a apocalyptic level with the pandemic the country divided the worst economy since the depression and the housing market and homeless crisis exploding in evictions and inequality is astounding and a leader who is running this country into the ground for the stock market and Wallstreet swamp owners in the Trump administration that doesn’t give a shit about the people only about money and the bottom line the broken system that keeps putting are country in these catastrophic positions over and over again until are nation turns into a falling empire like countless others before it but this time with a global pandemic that just hit another mile stone 6 million and 190 thousand dead and climbing with no end in sight and more stupid excuses when more family members die or you get kicked out of your home or lose another job because of the incompetency and disregard for the human race for a lousy vote for the rich and powerful to keep denying and make believing that this will dissappear and everything is fine in there lunatic world they live in while we bury are loved ones by the thousands and wait for more disturbing things to happen to us and get no federal Whitehouse help or direction where and how this country should work together not just rely on the state governments one by one with no national direction and finance to defeat this once and for all just sitting out in the open waiting for the next big wave to knock us back into the stone age on epic proportions and with no real strategy that works its only a matter of time

  13. Here is a video I made in response to the riots and protests. In it I aim to say what is most beneficial. Leave a comment if you watch, say what you find most important or the most important problems that need solutions or things that need to be discussed, let’s work together to find the best solution. The world depends on us. Believe Jesus.

  14. God bless America forever.
    Keep America Great Forever.
    CCP shall perish from the earth.
    Korea US Alliance Forever.
    DPRK Denuclearization !

  15. January 20, 2021 exactly at noon EST Donald Trump should be arrested for TREASON, handcuffed and taken to Jail without bail!!! Trump Passports Taken/Cancelled! Trump is the one RIGGING the Election = putting in De Joy to cripple the US Mail so not everyone can vote who should vote. Telling his voters to commit Felonies for Trump in Voting Twice! Trump, NO news outlet should be working for you, they work for the People not Trump! It is NOT up to the news outlets to Bend, Break, Rebuild the News just to Trumps Liking! For Trump to expect that is Trump playing King of the USA! Cavuto: President Trump, Fox News doesn’t work for you
    Law and Order President DOES NOT ask his supporters to vote twice so they go to prison while Trump sits in Comfort in his Office.
    Law and Order President does not send Trumps Gestapo to Violate peoples Constitutional Rights in Pro-Active Arrests, Arresting people for crimes they MIGHT Commit in Future! Law and order President does not advocate People INGEST Cleaning Products! Law and Order President does not have a Fake School for FRAUD! Law and Order President does not run a scam Charity for Trumps own Benefit! Law and Order President does not Cripple the Post Office to Prevent Voting!
    Trump = Law and Order = MY Butt!


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