Vice President Pence Participates in a Listening Session with Faith and Community Leaders


Pittsburgh, PA


  1. Democrats lean left. Sometimes Democrats lean so far left it is hard to distinguish between them and godless communists. Republicans, reputedly, are more likely to belive in a superior being. In any case, for those who do acknowledge the existence of (a) “God(s),” the appellative seems more synonymous with “plastic nose” than with an O3 deity (omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent–singular or plural). Instead, these individuals invent their own gods, in the image of themselves, instead of the other way around. Then, like many O3 deists, they attempt to impose their concepts of deity on the rest of us, under pain of proscription. In the absence of definitive proof, undisputable by all, for the existence of either an O3 God, or a personal plastic nose god, we should all take a step back, admit our inadequacies, and tone down the acerbic rhetoric. All life (lives) matter(s). If you are a believer or not, you must recognize someone else’s right to exist. If you are a criminal, expect others to defend their own right to exist. How many of the victims of Hitler were black? Do the blacks in this world have a monopoly on victimhood? Not in the millions. But to listen to these black preachers, philosophers and leaders, you would think so.
    Hopefully, humanity will find enough humility to exist in harmony.

  2. FYI for anyone who believes disparities will be solved by “access” to different things they are simply mistaken. People don’t need “access” to something they need to have something. Access to food does not do anyone any good if people cannot afford to buy it for example.

  3. If pence want to be a true honest to god catholic he needs to speak out and condemn racism even if he has to go against trump for the sake of the lord and his faith. Pence is our gift to fight the racism in trump and help change his heart. let’s see if pence follows his heavenly calling.

  4. The Group is not Complete Means Tired Because There is a Missing Part(The Land Rights and It’s 🇺🇸Native Indians that CREATED By the CREATOR of Heaven and Earth where You All set foot on and Its Right(Land Right Sheet is not Present with the Meeting Means It’s not GOD’S Meeting,It’s Men that Need to Seek First GOD’S Kingdom(GOD’S WAY,OR AUTHORITY,Thank You All,but Obey GOD is Better(Spiritual Worshipper)The Best,Wise,Means Complete!

  5. Trump2020👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹💖🌈🌈🌈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Photo ops don’t fix serious problems. Pence needs to learn that. How come the GOP never admits that the execution of their “drug war” is not producing anything but pain. Classifying marijuana with LSD is beyond stupid and beyond any rational explanation. And putting drug addicts and mental health problems in prison population? How would that ever work? And prison rape, violence. Those in charge are still pretending they can’t stop it?

  7. Important things not mentioned: 1) No evidence given to support claims of “systemic racism,” or police brutality being a problem specific to blacks. 2) Fake media getting people depressed or angry about problems that don’t exist or have been greatly exaggerated. 3) Rap and hip hop music that are POISON to our country, especially black communities. The lyrics are hateful against women, cops, and people in general. The “hood swamp” needs to be drained of this toxic sludge corrupting people’s minds and hearts.

    4) Speaking of police who “forgot their oath,” that’s been happening for months of the Wuhan Flu when they enforced the Deep State house arrest orders, busted up church services and funerals, shut down legal businesses, etc. When do WE get to have our listening sessions with Trump and Pence?! I guess some of our peaceful protesters needed to set some cities ablaze and kill police to get that special treatment. Are we just going to forget that the Constitution was suspended for months? Over a virus no more deadly than the flu? Let’s have some sessions on THAT!!!

  8. Brilliant forum… until the majority of us put our faith in God we will remain divided… it’s time we come together as one people!!!

  9. No doubt that I appreciate being on Team USA! Thank you for all you do! United We Stand! In God we trust with liberty and justice for ALL! Trump 2020!

  10. Honorable Judge you are a blessing from God! Thank You for your wise words of wisdom. I hear Him in your words. I am humbled, God help us each and everyone.

  11. 42:35 To the man speaking at that time stamp, Sir, respectfully, how can we not have racial unity when we have so many mixed race birth families and trans-racial families by adoption. Our family had racial unity. And yes, in our community there was racism, but we lived, co-existed, loved, as one. We supported our children to be Christians. To be seen as Christians. Our culture is Christianity.
    Also to the world- race issues are one thing people are talking about now , but what about elder abuse, what about abuse against adults and children with disabilities.
    This is why it is a sin problem. This is why we need God.

  12. 天下会,
    台湾 火属性火之地
    美国 金属性金之地

    台湾 对 中土

    台湾 对 美国
    不能一味的跪美国, 不能学国民党


  13. While America is the land of freedom and opportunity. Depends don’t it! Now…blacks…poor…whatever. Look in our own backyard. Quiet Place. Indian Reservations! Indian land. Indian sovereignty! Yes Sir! They are a great people! They take it………or leave it! Got there clicks…and family! You ain’t got business on the reservation……best leave them be. They got family they want to raise a certain way….and yes! America is part of that! Get about..18 or so. Ya might need to leave…..get some worldly experience….military…technology’s… mechanics……many return to the Rez! And continue the traditions…..knowing both worlds…and the freedom to choose. It’s Tough! Nothing free! It is about….schooling….a trade…a business….raising a good family! Ain’t got to be rich! Wealth is the family….is the country! Race? Color? Religion? It’s Family! It’s very judgemental out there! The TV spews lies…….we all know it. Commercials…..Movie Stars selling whatever….you have to get a real thick skin…….or just tune it out! The Rat Race. Sometimes it is! But it ain’t China! Yet! Ain’t even close…..but accountability is the ticket. Training obviously! Money into family services! Most counties….have large police departments…..rather under staffed family services! And it ain’t for MEN! Apparently! Sink or Swim. Well some got anchors tied to them. Criminal records. Mental health issues. All to often blown off! Pushed onto even less caring department of corrections. Who just repeat a cycle! Getting promoted on the way! It’s very one sided! Remember those who languish in prison. If I jail a hundred innocent men to jail one bad man! I call that justice! Heir Mueller! Nazi Police State! Or KILL ….whatever.

  14. I don’t automatically assume a black person is working a menial job. That never even crossed my mind. I just think “oh such pretty black skin”. Literally never crossed my mind. I have met many wonderful black people. I haven’t met any outwardly racist people. I think there are racists but you can’t assume someone is racist thinking racist thoughts. They probably aren’t.

  15. God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence! This country needs their leadership desperately. God bless America!


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