WATCH: Gov. Polis and President Trump meet at White House


Governor Jared Polis met meeting with President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. to discuss the COVID-19 crisis in Colorado. This video was previously recorded and is not live.

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  1. We are not a police force we are not there to check the traffic red lights ????? Where’s my negative rate??????MIP???Look at countries!!!!States can borrow money!!!!Republicans will not win with mail in ballots!!!!Don’t forget Trump FIRED Flynn for LYING to Mike Pence!!!!Don’t believe Dr Fauci – Trump is the stable genius!!!!What are we just pretending now that THOUSANDS of Americans aren’t still dying????? No thought or prayers for the dead!!!!! This is a disease that attacks health!!!!! The reason that the US is testing the most NOW is because other countries like SK HAVE mitigated and cases are decreasing SK only had 260 deaths – they were successful and the US is in BIG TROUBLE still

  2. I appreciate Governor Polis for taking the time to meet with the President. Partisanship is the last thing we need in these times.

  3. They are ramping up fines for not wearing masks when they should use that enforcement fund for tests right now. Get ready for the petty police and now that your broke good luck trying to fight it.


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