White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative



  1. The first true President in my lifetime, unlike his predecessors who were employees of the corrupt globalists.

  2. It’s almost as if whites aren’t even here anymore..still 62% of the population or so but just assumed by both parties to keep paying the vast majority of taxes while republicans and democrats trip over each other to pander to minorities.
    What a joke. 😂

  3. This is just to save face with Latino voters. The initiative is just a committee appointed by him. They have no authority to do anything, they just give reports to the potus

  4. First 20 seconds of video, hypocritical aren’t you, why don’t you tell this to Texas and California, I’m sure they’ll come up with a different story, a true story. My opinion, way too much, way too soon, this kind of action shouldn’t even take place for another 10-12 years, until they can prove to us they’re taking care of their own country, and I don’t mean “showboat” a productive and positive step, I’m mean resolve that stands in place, works, and we,The American people know this. WAY TOO MUCH, WAY TOO SOON.

  5. Dear “president” Trump,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making America #1!!!

    135,000+ (dead) Americans


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