WHO Director-General: COVAX works


Today, COVAX shipped its 800 millionth COVID-19 vaccine dose, half of which have been delivered in the past 3 months. This shows COVAX works & vaccine supplies are reaching those in need. We must build on this momentum to protect all those at risk.

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros

Watch the complete press conference of 22 December 2021 here:


  1. I am here to tell the world that if people do not want to take it, they do not have to. If they want it then that is their choice. As the Lord God is here with us, His Will must be followed. I am here to enforce this. I, the Prophet Elijah am one of His avenger. One of two witnesses to make sure there is a choice, and that they know what this really is.
    Thank you for you cooperation. For the next 3 years. So please, no more Lies! As I have been shown all things! Oh, Enoch says hello!


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