WHO Director-General Dr Tedros on updated guidance on the use of masks


WHO updated guidance on the use of masks for control of #COVID19: https://bit.ly/2AJYSMS

The new guidance is based on evolving evidence and provides updates on:

😷who should wear a mask

😷when a mask should be worn

😷what a mask should be made of

Full press conference 05 June 2020: https://youtu.be/mgyCniF9yBw


  1. Is this the best they can do with all the money they have collected? Sorry excuse for a WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

  2. You and your organization are utterly pathetic. Your alignment with China is a sham, just like your fake medical degree.

  3. This is very ridiculous…… When almost 7 million people got infected and more than 4 hundred thousands death around the world, WHO just objects its own opinion that wearing masks is not an effective way to prevent outbreak spreading. What an efficient organization!! (Don’t you think this is way too late to announce after WHO already lost its credibility??)

  4. Tedros what do you reccomend to Antifa and BLM protesters and looters? No mask? No social distancing? Why? Oh, they are immune. Ok open mouth, I need to pee.

  5. After 4 months . Giving advice to wear mask ..Bec of America ..I DNT think WHO director is a doctor ..? We believe in ICMR guideline not WHO.

  6. Corrupt Tedros and Bill Gates… Antony Fauci close friend of Bill Gates helping Remdesiver for expensive medication on treating covid patients one vaccine business , HCQ and Remdesiver have same amount results in treating covid but Remdesiver is far more exponentially expensive… got into that Remdesiver is trying to play monopoly in covid business. Some governments arnd the world are helping them in big way… Pharmaceutical companies are the ones with pile of money cashing in


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